Gives me an excuse to post another Eyeshield 21 pic :3

Wow. Just wow. The idea of putting up a tournament for the anime blogs of the world is epic enough on its own but to be included yourself is a very high honour. I’m really just shocked to even find Sekijitsu on the list, seeing as we’re still pretty much a young and growing blog. It’s great to see all the established names (and a few friends here and there in KZI, Seaslugs, Bokutachi and A Product of Wasted Time, among others) in anime blogging make the list and definitely some new ones that I’ve never heard of, but like the creator said, the tournie is made to help lesser-known blogs get their names out in the blogsphere. Hopefully this will help benefit us in the future, although our chances are really low seeing as we’re faced-to-faced with Cart Driver, a blog which I myself usually frequent for their quality material.

The epic tournament tree

The tournie works just like any other knockout tournament (ie. the Football World Cup or the NCAA basketball tournament). There are 96 blogs overall and the top few blogs get a first week BYE in order for the other blogs to advance past the first round. Understandably, we’re ranked at #96 but it’s fully justifiable seeing how new we are. Two and a half months in, I would never have imagined that we would be included in anything like this alongside other more established blogs so I’m pretty stoked. Yea, we won’t make it past the first round this time but I hope we will continue to grow further so we will have a better chance to advance in the next tournament.

So the tournament works by having something similar to a popularity contest, where readers of each blog jump in to push in a vote each day to determine who goes through in each round. The blog with more votes go through and this is done solely on the criteria of blog content and quality. So it essentially means that people will vote for the blog with the content that they will read through day-in-day-out. Voting is done through a week long poll on the aniblog website and when the time comes, I’ll announce when voting opens for Sekijitsu through twitter (@staticenigmatic). Again, I’m not expecting much here since we are still growing but I hope we’ll get a vote or two :P It sure is damn exciting since I love knockout tournies. Reminds me of the times when I read through Slam Dunk or Eyeshield 21 for the first time. This will be a good appetizer for the actual Fifa World Cup :D

Brings back good memories

Anywho, speaking of blog growth, this seems as good a time as any to announce our two new writers Funk and Vivi. Funk has been with us roughly a week now while Vivi was added onto the crew a few days back but their presence in the blog has been large lately due to the content they’ve been providing us. Both have their own unique style of writing and they both help to add a different voice to the material we provide. With the addition of the two to our writer corps, we will definitely be improving in terms of writing quality, consistency and variety so the best days are yet to come.

That said, we are looking to add one or two more people so if you’re interested in becoming a part of the Sekijitsu team, feel free to refer to the Hiring post and email me some of your work or details. 2Shea and Morri have been swamped with real-life responsibilities lately so we may need a helping hand or two. My dream is for Sekijitsu to consistently publish new content at least once in a one or two day period so with more help, that dream will be more achievable at some point in the near future.

Well, that’s it for this post. I’m excited to see how the tourney folds out and even with low expectations, I hope the reception for this tournie will be massive so we can have more of it in the future. Till the next post, ja!