Gino is all smiles; even after Italy's terrible performance.

So, as the 2010 FIFA World Cup trundles ever onwards; here we have another episode of Giant Killing that I have put off talking about for a week. Well, considering I also put off watching the episode for a week I suppose this World Cup has just been too good; and boy has it been good. During major tournaments in Football I have a habit of getting very bored with defensive play. As such, New Zealand is, without a doubt the most boring team of the World Cup. But hey, they came in to their first World Cup and left without ever losing a game, I’d say that’s enough to give them a by on being boring. England does not get the same kind of pass, but I’ll save talking about England’s shit-show until the next Giant Killing.


When coming into this tournament, I had a couple teams that I really wanted to see do well. The team that I have been supporting as my number one is Japan; so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see them qualify. I was supporting England out of an unfortunate loyalty that most British suffer from, having to watch the “Golden Team” never make it past quarter finals and complain like pansies. I also have a soft spot for Slovakia which is mostly based off of Martin Skrtel who plays for Liverpool. However by the same logic I should also support the Netherlands (who they will be playing) since Dirk Kuyt plays for them. The only thing is; I don’t like Dirk Kuyt.


Fernando Torres is of course another story; if Spain defeat Portugal (which they should) and Japan beat Paraguay (which they could) then I will have a really difficult time watching the two play each other; but with Spain being obvious favourites, and my ETU underdog support kicking in, I imagine that I will continue to support Japan. Speaking of ETU, they have been having a very interesting game against Nagoya. Now, I have previously stated that I enjoyed the realism and depth behind how the series depicts football, however that all came crashing to a halt this episode.


First up on the docket is the five minute conversation between Zelbert and Carlos at the beginning of the episode; what the hell was that? They stopped dead in the middle of a game and talked for ages. This made one thing clear, that someone writing this manga/anime should watch more football; because if they did they would have had a player dive and pretend to be injured which would give more than enough time for them to have this conversation and have a drink too. I like that Carlos looks like he would be the toughest angriest player next to Mista ETU, but while talking he sounds like the cutest kid in class.


Now, my second big problem with Giant Killing over the past couple of episodes that this game has been has been the play itself. No one makes mistakes. From passing to overall defending, no one has made any mistakes on either team. The only mistakes have been made by passes and play by attackers. The one time defenders made a mistake by following Carlos; ETU took advantage and scored a goal. However this is not how football works. Mistakes are made every minute in football and those mistakes are usually what lead to goals. According to this game football only has about four chances on goal per half; and at the speed football goes at these days I find this most incorrect. Now the argument could be made that they just don’t show every mistake or chance, but they should try to find a way to do a better job; especially when they have players stopping and talking mid-play.

Everyone who thought Tsubaki would get a goal....wait, all of you?

I thoroughly enjoyed ETU’s goal. Gino was right, it was completely intelligent, but it was a pure striker’s goal; which is funny considering Tsubaki is a midfielder. I can see this game ending at 2-1 to ETU because I imagine the very evil looking Itagaki who has apparently stopped working on Devil’s Third in order to play for Nagoya. He also cut all his hair off, but damn, he must REALLY be pissed at Tecmo. Thank god Tsubaki didn’t have a tumor, but who am I kidding, this isn’t a sad anime…….yet. Well, another few hours until the next episode and hopefully I can see more Fujisawa soon and do that post before the next episode…