With a full twenty-four minutes of brawling, bashing, and concluding, it would seem that Occult Academy is finally coming to a close – but if Dragonball Z has taught us anything, it’s that going to the past to change the future doesn’t really work because it only affects that present’s timeline. Or, perhaps, Mikaze really wasn’t the key? (I seriously think she should be, so more plot twists please!) Regardless of what’s left to come, what happened so far has been enjoyable, if not questionable. 

Click to witness its derpiness in full DX (The shot of #6 is actually from episode 10, but that just goes to show how badly it bugs me!)

 The most questionable thing as of late is the artwork of the show. It started out so nicely, but lately (since episode 8ish) I’ve been noticing something weird going on with their faces. Has anyone else noticed? Perhaps it’s just their art style, but sometimes I feel their irises are out of place, causing them to look extremely derpy. If that’s just me being picky, then at least their extremely weird facial angles must have caught your attention. While I can’t complain about Occult Academy‘s storyline too much, besides a few loose-ends, the art gets very distracting, almost rage-worthy. Let’s wish they’ll at least pull out all the stops on the last episode and make everything/everyone beautiful, because the characters are awesome enough to deserve that. 

Bagheera XD

"You're going back to the man village right now!"

 While there was a pretty cool – not BAMF-status but still cool – battle between Mikaze and Chihiro as expected, with an unusually amount of talking related to Fumiaki. It seems Chihiro is as pure as she is a white mage; it almost but not really breaks your heart to think she might have really been in love with Fumiaki, believing that his heart is “pure and white” (it probably is, but the sound of it is hilarious haha). Although, not going to lie, I laughed at her final monologue/prayer to herself as she lent her “wings” to his pursuit of happiness. Very overly poetic, very much like her, to give us a laugh even as she’s dying – if she’s really dying, seeing as no one or nothing seems to actually die in this show. Honestly, the book isn’t destroyed? Chihiro, as awesome as she is, is way too prepared. “Oh hey, Maya’s not really dead.” “Even after that I’m not dead, at least not right now, not until I can tell you every little thing you need to know.” “BTW, Maya’s dad isn’t dead either (but you guys already knew that).” “Also, the book was replaced, so it’s not really destroyed.” Replacing the book didn’t seem that necessary, even if it did protect her. It can’t be that hard to memorize a spell. Especially when that spell is supposed to save the whole world, shouldn’t you take it upon yourself to make it an obligation to memorize it? Everything was too convenient, and a bit repetitive. But it carries along the story and would have taken forever to come up with other solutions, so there are a few viable excuses for its repitition…    

Flaming candles in close proximity to your flammable hair AND no bra/clothes underneath? "orz

  The kids are as awesome as Chihiro is, but trying to come up with reasons the gang of kids have been shown besides providing a break from the main characters, Fumiaki and Maya, as well as away from Chihiro and Mikaze’s battle, is puzzling. The kids are really cool – at least, JK and Smile are – but what purpose did they serve in this episode other than being cool? The most reasonable is that Ami’s dad provided transportation for Fumiaki to the top of the academy, but that part wasn’t even shown, we can only assumed he either ran all the way up there or was given a ride. I was hoping JK, Smile, Ami, and even Kozue would solve some sort of mystery related to Mikaze and the key (and the aliens, what happened to the aliens in the future?!), but instead they were very minor and basically took four of them to take out two identical grannies from Legion, most of the time JK & Smile losing and JK calling for Smile’s help (which was kind of cute, hehe). I understand it’s to achieve a similar scene like in most movies with possessed people–once the head evil’s destroyed and the minor characters are battling the possessed people they’ll all stop what they’re doing and realize, “Hey, where am I? Ooh look the sky is pretty,” and the minor characters will be like, “Yes, they [the main characters] did it!” Whatever they were going for, it feels as though the gang wasn’t given enough spotlight to showcase their awesome usefulness as characters, not just fighters. Also, Kozue, you’re funny and all, but please do something of good use…!  

R.I.P Chihiro-san :c (P.S. Your outfit isn't the most slimming...)

  This whole post sounds as though I’m bashing this episode, but it was enjoyable and was a perfect second-to-last episode. There was a fight, there were funny moments and awesome moments, there was a moment of redemption and teamwork, and of course the ending romantic/cute moment. Seeing as this is just a thirteen-episode show (unless there’s a second season coming, who knows?), everything should be concise and should answer all of our questions, unless it’s supposed to be an ambiguous, vague, artsy show, but this is Occult Academy we’re talking about. There are so many questions I’m still wondering about. 

1. Is Chihiro really dead, and why would her body gaurd die, even if he’s a demon? (We just met him, sort of, it seems a waste for him to die so suddenly.) Can’t she heal herself with white magic?
2. What happened to the War of the Worlds-esque alien rulers of the future? If Mikaze was the key, how in the world do aliens take over? And, most importantly,
3. Now that everything seems to be over, won’t their school life be insanely boring without monsters to fight and invade their town? Laaaaaaaame. 

There are more important questions such as how Maya and Fumiaki are supposed to stay together, but being a non-romantic person, I can wait a week for that. My overall opinion of Occult Academy is pretty positive, but like all series, the last episode is a make-it-or-break-it episode.