This was probably the worst kept secret ever. From my brainstorms of the idea on twitter, to my initial discussions with some friends on msn, this was pretty much out in the open from day one. But still, ideas are nothing without execution and I’ve been looking forward to today for quite some time now.

This “7 Days of Eyeshield 21” or “Eyeshield 21 Awareness Week” or whatever you wanna call it has been sitting in the back of my mind for years now. I initially wanted to create this during the blog’s inception, but due to the lack of exposure of the blog and what not, I felt that it would be lost in the shuffle. This anniversary gave me the perfect platform to release this idea and I’m really excited to finally get things rolling.

People blog for many reasons; be it exposure, fame, building friendships etc but getting Eyeshield out there in the open was one of the main reasons why I started my blog journey. Lately I’ve been stepping up on the plugging, subtly or otherwise, since I felt that I needed to go back to one of my initial loves. I even made a couple of deals with some friends just to have them read it. Yes, I’m that desperate. I have succeeded with some people, I failed badly with others but that’s just how it is. The fact that I’ve recently got two more people to join the Eyeshield camp was good enough for me and the fact that they both love it is just that much sweeter. If I can get more people to read it this week, then I will have considered this birthday bash a success.

So, what will happen this week is that I will release a series of posts relating with Eyeshield 21. I say that it will happen during 7 days, but I’m not really sure how long it will last. 7 is probably the minimum, since I have a tonne of ideas and posts lined up. Worse comes to worse, I’ll just have to release multiple posts a day. To keep everything somewhat organized, this post will serve as the hub of my Eyeshield posts. I will reveal each post every day in the list below so in the future, I can just refer people to this post when I try to promote ES21 more.

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

Day 05

Day 06

Day 07



The End?

Well that’s about it for now. Day One starts later today and at the end of day seven there will be a nice surprise for you readers (if everything goes to plan). This is gonna be fun for me, and as I’ve never done anything remotely close to this before, please bear with my fangasming.

I hope you enjoy this week as much as I will. Who knows, maybe I can make a fan out of you yet.