Your typical fan boy love~

Pleasure to meet you all minna san!

I am located in Australia, Victoria. Do I have a kangaroo in my backyard? No I don’t… But we do ride wombats to school, isn’t that…natural? Oh by the way, the name’s Tofu. I’m 16 years of age and I’m currently in my second last year of high school, so I’m considered a senior now! Yay! More homework… Ah ffffffffff…

Anyways, I also spend most of my days with my head high up in the clouds rather than keeping my feet on the ground. Another aspect of this Aussie is that he is also of a Chinese background and loves playing soccer (or football, which is another name for it. GO CHELSEA!!) I am a huge Hikasa Yoko fanboy and I have a tendency of liking many tsundere characters… Besides anime, I enjoy escaping the world through music, and that’s through jamming on my left handed bass guitar, can anyone guess why I chose a left handed bass guitar?

Anime has been a big influence in my life since 2 years ago when it got up to the extent of otaku material. During my youth I’d be watching most of the main stream shows like Pokemon and Digimon and Yu Gi Oh etc. Throughout my teenage life, I discovered a hidden side of the anime world, the side filled with short length series but could top up to the mainstreams or even exceed the mainstream animes.

My favourite anime of all time will have to be K-ON! There’s just something about it that ticked in my head and gave birth to the fan boy inside of me over my favourite character of all time, Mio Akiyama!! Favourite genre? I don’t have one, I watch anything that appeals to me. But besides that, I’ve always been a dreamer ever since I was small. I would write made up short stories when I have time during classes but until my high school life kicked in, the imaginative dreamer I used to be was lost amongst essays and stacks of mathematical questions.

It was through the help of the net that I soon discovered my lively side once again, and since then I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve always loved writing, and now I have the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings on Sekijitsu for the world to witness and discuss which makes up the otaku community we have unconsciously created.

Needing the time to do most of my daily chores and stacks of homework, I do tend to overwork and at the same time procrastinate till the last minute which is totally bad! But with the few spare minutes before a very early bed time curfew (10:30pm) I’ll do my best to deliver exciting and innovative posts to all you readers out there together with my fellow new writers and my senpai’s that I will be working along side with! I look forward to meeting new people and making new buddies as I have now taken a step towards world domination! I mean… learning more about the fandom with my fellow writers. Readers/Lurkers/Fellow Traps and K-ON fan boys… look forward to a new crew and a new team cause with all our powers put together, we shall make Sekijitsu a revolution to come!!!!!