The two-year cycle. The Death-Knell. Inevitable demise.

Every other month, we see various anibloggers along the blogosphere announcing the predestined demise of anime blogging (the latest being Rabbitpoets and the most infamous being Scamp). With the advent of social media like Twitter and facebook, it seems like fans who usually flock to blogs for their anime fix have found new ways to amuse themselves. Twitter in particular has been a big hit as discussions and debate rage on in limited form months after the subject matter has concluded. Still, to proclaim that this is the end of anime blogging seems a tad premature. A quick look into blog aggregators like AnimeNano will show that there is still an abundance of blogs to cater to many a fan’s fetish. New blogs pop in out and every other day. And with the summer holidays coming along, there is no doubt that there will be a minor boom hitting the blogosphere as lonely fans take refuge in the anime blogging community.



But nothing is ever certain based on perception. This is why I took it upon myself to conduct a little survey and investigation to get a first hand look into the state of aniblogging in 2011. With three years of experience writing detailed reports with supporting data, I’d like to think that I have the facilities to conduct this ambitious project. This research takes data in many forms, including a highly detailed quantitative analysis and interviews with well-established bloggers, prolific fans/commentors and anime forumites, as well as a statistical monthly breakdown of anime post efficiency from 2004 to 2011 (a highly sophisticated S.W.O.T. analysis and breakdown of data in conjunction with parts of the world were also assessed). Juggling this data has been quite a huge task in itself so I acquired the help of the rest of the SJ writers to format it properly. With the obscene amount of graphs and charts, I had to place them in spoilers in order to have this post be remotely readable. Hell, I even made this wide post template for the sole purpose of giving us more room to work with.

A graphical preview

As you all know, I’m pretty into aesthetics and flash, so you can definitely expect some sexy graphs and charts to justify the data. We all know how boring long-winded reports and graphs can be, even for interesting subjects like anime and blogging. This is why I hope to add my own brand of flair to this otherwise bland subject. I really hope that you read fully and discuss my research, since this has taken me months of soul-sucking research during my summer holidays to conduct. This is a highly controversial subject matter and due to its very opinionated nature, I advise discretion, and I wish for you to discuss my findings in the comment section in a civilized manner. With this, I am confident that once and for all, we will finally have a sound understanding on anime blogging’s footing in this modern age.

So first up, we will look at adoption rates of anime blogs in the past few years:

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My meaningful red herring image

That about covers it for the analytical stuff. It was a bit TL;DR but it’s better to hit every point objectively and in detail, rather than to forego it completely. This isn’t the end of this post however, since below we will hear the final thoughts and conclusions of myself as well as my Sekijitsu colleagues. We all have very differing views on the subject matter so it is highly likely that we will cater to every demographic and viewpoint out there. Hit the jump to read up on our thoughts.

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