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Hello minna-san! Glad you guys could join me for this special post! Why is it special? Because this is Sekijitsu’s first post related to Seitokai Yakuindomo! For those who don’t know what Seitokai Yakuindomo (SYD) is, let me give you a brief synopsis.

SYD originated from the 4-koma and consists of short, comedic gags throughout the series. You could say it’s got the same concept as other animes such as: Seitokai no Ichizon, B Gata H Kei and Mitsudomoe. Be warned, these aren’t just ordinary comedic gags but sexual comedic gags used in SYD to entertain their audiences.

The gags play out amongst the 4 members in the student council: Shino (Hikasa Youko), Suzu (Yahagi Sayuri), Aria (Satou Satomi) and Takatoshi being the main (Asanuma Shintaro). Without further ado, let us begin!

From left to right: Aria, Shino and Suzu

There’s really not much to say about SYD considering it has no real flow of events, just random short gags. Although most were hilarious, some of them I didn’t understand or felt plain throughout the series. Also to note, SYD was supposed to be in my Top 10 post but was beaten by The World God Only Knows.

As of any hate or dislikes, I have none. SYD is a great comedic series if you don’t find sexual gags disturbing. Although it doesn’t have much of a story since it’s based off a 4-koma (then again, K-On was based off a 4-koma too) it was still a had a great development as their school life goes by throughout the series. If you’re a person who likes these sort of stuff, I highly recommend SYD to you!

We shall now announce that Sekijitsu is developing their very own podcast!

Notable hilarious gags that Seitokai pulled off well in the OVA (in my case):

  • Shino having the urge to pull up her skirt in a school assembly
  • Suzu putting on the ‘senpai’ act towards Takatoshi’s little sister
  • Shina showing Takatoshi’s little sister different places at school usable for sex
  • Suzu’s best friend mistaking an earthquake occurring only to realize it’s just the vibrator she has inside of her
  • The Robot Research club showing off indecent material to recruit new members
  • Suzu’s friend developing a ‘skin peeling’ machine… you know what I mean
  • Shino falling to the floor because her foot felt like a ‘erogenous zone’
  • Suzu hitting Takatoshi for treating her like a kid
  • Suzu raging over 1mm being important
  • Suzu being too short to be seen at most times
  • At the end of the ED! (What type of fast singing is that!?) I have to say anything?

After the ED, we cut to a short scene where a new character is introduced! Could this be a hint to a second season? I hope so because SYD is a great comedic series. I’m guessing you all think I’m some pervert who really enjoys sexual comedy, I can’t blame you if you find sexual comedy as indecent and wrong. I want to say that I’m not a pervert but I do enjoy many forms of comedy, sexual comedy is just one of them. We all have different tastes so it’s understandable if you like it or dislike it.

Just who is this new girl!? Find out in the next episode of...!! oh wait.

Now most of you know I’m a big fan of Hikasa Yoko right? If you don’t, you just did! Hikasa Yoko voices Shino in SYD thus she’s my favourite character in SYD. Two scenes where I squealed (not literally) because of Shino were:

  • When Shino had cue-cards ready for the broadcast, she became more and more sad when Takatoshi continued to reject her cue-cards.
  • When Shino did a head tilt at the end while clueless of what’s happening.

I’m the type of guy who really enjoys cute and fluffy moments. Regarding the first dot point, can that be classified as sadistic? Am I a sadist? I could be. You never know… My love for Hikasa originated from Mio Akiyama (K-On!) who will always be my favourite character! If you take a look at my “K-On Art” post, you’ll be able to find the reason behind why I like her so much.

Before we head off, I have to announce that the “Sekijitsu doing a podcast” announcement was a LIE! For those who thought it was real, I believe you just got trolled! No harsh feelings. Bye guys!


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  • This was one of my favorite shows of the season, and probably one of the best 4-koma adaptations I've seen. It was hilarious. Nichijou is pretty funny from this season, but still not as good as SYD.

    • It was definitely one of my favourites as well and definitely a great comedy-wise series. Nichijou has it's good moments but it's still too soon to judge which is better, nor is it fair to since Nichijou uses daily life comedy while SYD uses sexual comedy ;D
      My recent post Star Driver 24

  • ahhh…this…one…

    i couldn't bring myself to go past the first ep…

    what is wrong with the school and all that dirty thinking…..-_-”
    My recent post The Other Me

  • Although it doesn’t have much of a story since it’s based off a 4-koma (then again, K-On was based off a 4-koma too)

    And where exactly was the “plot” in K-ON? I don't think eating cake, feeding turtles, going shopping and trying to study count as worthwhile storylines. In fact, the one actually interesting plot device, that all the characters were in a light music band, was squandered by doing everything except music.

    My recent post Mahou Shoujo Kyubey Magica Because obviously- no one cares about Madoka

    • well… I will be honest, there was no real plot in K-On. That's why I (although I did not want to admit) said that line you've quoted from me.

      But of course, I'm a big fan of K-On so either way, you know I'm going to stick up for it >:D
      My recent post Star Driver 24

  • Gah I love this series it is so random and over the top! Really hope they get around to doing another season of this sometime.

    Always cracks me up!

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