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May 20

Weekly Art – Kantoku

So apparently it’s my turn to fill this space with some of them there pictures this week. So here we are a nice big pic dump of my favourite artist Kantoku.

I really like his art as it is always so natural and flows really well. Since I really dunno what else to write enjoy…

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  • Tofu says:

    I'm not familiar with the artist Kantoku (nor am I for many artists…) but obviously I recognize the girl from Madoka (I think that's her upside down O_O) That girl from FF13 and Haruhi. Other than that, the art really appeals to me.

    What animes has Kantoku drawn in Asch?
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  • Renn says:

    Back when I was collecting pics for the redhead post that never happened, I think I saved some redhead images by this guy (though none of the ones in this post). I like his style–it reminds me a bit of K-On. :D

    Anyhow, nice picspam. My favorite image is the one of the girl with bread in her mouth. I really like her skirt lol, and not just for the breeze. xD

  • Foshizzel says:

    I have seen this artist before amazing stuff! :D

  • yvoonmanga says:

    ooh, great artworks.

    though never heard of this artist…or many others for that matter. haha!!

    the one of Vanille from FFXIII is really pretty. Haruhi and the girl with the skates was pretty cool as well.

    great post! :)
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  • *w* Nice post!! I really love the style.
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  • I'm not really familiar with the artist. But his artist really looks nice and clean, sort of like a visual novel vibe art.
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