By now I’m sure most of you have seen Tofu’s figure posts (and if you haven’t, what the heck are you waiting for?), so now it’s my turn to bring you something from my collection: dvd box sets~ I’ve always found that the experience of watching anime is so much better when you don’t have to deal with annoying megavideo players, using up bandwidth, or waiting for things to buffer (oh god do I hate that!), and the added bonuses that usually come with them are nice too.

So, that being said, let’s get this post started, shall we? (Oh, and I apologize for my crappy camera and lack of photography skills whatsoever >.>;;; )

Item(s): Pandora Hearts Part 1 Premium Edition, Pandora Hearts Part 2 Premium Edition

Price: $43.99 each from Rightstuf.

1. The slip cases and discs-

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2. Premium Art Box

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3. 32-Page Art Books

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4. All Together

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5. Extras

-Omake Theatre

(Sorry about the quality- Windows Media Player stretches everything out and makes it look weird. It looks fine though on a normal DVD player)

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-Gil In Wonderland Bonus Comic

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Should you buy these two beautiful DVD box sets? If you liked the anime, then definitely! If you didn’t like the anime but just enjoy collecting pretty box sets, then DEFINITELY! If you hate the anime and don’t care about how nice the box set is, then no, you’d be wasting your money. To be honest, the manga is a million times better than the anime, but I caved when I saw the fancy art books. >_>;;;; If I could gripe about one thing though, it would be the lack of Elliot ANYWHERE- EVERYONE KNOWS ELLIOT IS THE BEST CHARACTER!!

Anyway, this is definitely a must-have for any collectors, so I highly recommend it. The price really isn’t that bad considering how much stuff you get with it (I’ve paid more for a crappy thin case with six discs of Code Geass shoved in it with no extras at all) and it’s surprisingly easy to get your hands on.