And so begins the second season of Ao no Exorcist, coming straight at us with a new OP (「IN MY WORLD」 by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D) and a new ED (with a boring techno style song with focus on Rin, Yukio and the students).

So this episode continues on with the trend that Shiro is still secretly the main character and that everyone else is still acting to his will this weeks featuring Shura AKA The Breasts to rival Shiemi an investigator from the Vatican Headquarters of the Order of the True Cross. So it seems like she’s here to investigate Rin on the order, under the presumption that Mephisto is hiding some Satan related stuff – but she’s also yet another character whose life was forever changed by Shiro. It was he who saved her from one hell of a life, trained her to be an exorcist and then asked her to return the favour when Rin needed the training, she of course turned him down thinking the man had lost it.

Shura seems quite content to operate under the assumption that Shiro’s plan to raise Rin to be a weapon against Satan was a wonderful cover-up, and attempts to finish him off. *cue flashbacks of Shiro being meaningful and determined* and a short fight sequence which causes Shura to see that Shiro was raising Rin not from a sense of duty, or as a weapon, but instead was raising him out out love. She changes her opinion about Rin and even decides to transfer to the Japanese branch and train him in swordsmanship, with a wooden sword of course (keeping his demon blade safely out of Amaimon’s way until Rin proves worthy of it) before she reports back to the Vatican.

The strongest scene of the episode was Rin’s flashback to tearing apart his classroom as a small boy, driven to violence by his rage at his classmates calling him a demon and a monster. Shiro shows up to sort out the situation and Rin, winner of worst child of the year award punches him in the stomach but Shiro kept hugging his son even after his ribs were broken.

The ribbon makes up for everything...

and Shura in closing takes over for the evil man who’s name I can’t remember who tried to kill everything a few episodes back. Oh and Rin is going to become Hokage Paladin