I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately about our header so I thought “why not just showcase the artist for the weekly art post?”

I actually discovered this artist (through morri) long after Sekijitsu started using the header and I gotta say, Midori Foo has even more amazing stuff in her portfolio. In addition to original pieces, she has done a ton of commission work for video games; with her unique blend of color theory and realistic painting making her work stand out from the masses. It’s not even that farfetched to say that she is one of my favorite artists ever, in terms of character design, character art and painting style.

The fact that she’s recently published an artbook makes me even more giddy, since there are a lot more pieces that she has chosen to withhold from the interwebs. Exciting right? But enough of this foreplay, you’re all here for the art, not for the jibber-jabber so enjoy the showcase below and I’ll see y’all again during the next cycle.



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