And for the grand finale, hit it, you ugly, old man! FABULOUS! MAX!

Well, the finale of Tiger & Bunny aired, and it answered a critical question. It’s a twenty-five minute response to how Sunrise will make 25 more episodes and not much else.

Alright, hit it!

Since it’s a short list, let’s first go over the moments I liked in the finale. Namely, all the character-centric moments that have little to do with the plot. Agnes is awesome, Kaede calls Kotetsu cool, Lunatic has a great segment of CGI, Ben re-joins the business, Saito is BFF with Ben, Karina reads “100 Ways to Make a Single Father Fall for You.” Heck, I liked the whole hero segment near the end. I also liked the big fight with the robots, and the death of the racist dude. He falls down like a tear from the tacky statue. Cheesy, but well-done.

Now… everything else.

Maverick first because his storyline is far and away the most galling. First, the capturing Maverick segment is ridiculous. He’s surrounded by superpower heroes, and he’s just an old man! How the guy manages to go from the stairway to the super robot room to Kaede and Kotetsu makes no sense whatsoever. Second, after he obliterates his memories, why doesn’t Kaede take his powers and fix him? Why doesn’t she even try? Finally, his death speech sucks.

Next. How was it being trolled by Sunrise? Kotetsu’s “death” was a cliffhanger for a cliffhanger’s sake, and considering the anticipation it generated, it worked. I’ll bet the finale had stellar ratings. Sure, it’s cheap, but it didn’t bother me too much. Kotetsu doesn’t get his powers back (THANK YOU SUNRISE), and he has, in Kaede’s words, a moment of coolness.

That said, it bothers me that Sunrise trolled us with anticlimaxes more than once. Tiger and Barnaby stop working as heroes, but at the end, they’re back in the business? Sure, I got a laugh seeing Kotetsu work with the Second League (with the name One Minute Wild Tiger, bwahahaha). But his job is dangerous, and it would have made more sense for him to bow out, go home, and raise his daughter. Any excuses to the contrary are an excuse for a second season.

And yeah–how about the rest of those lead-ons for a second season? On one hand, they’re irritating. All of the questions–what is Ooroborous, what role will Lunatic play, what’s up with Barnaby’s parents, when will Tiger’s powers run out, etcetera–could have been answered in this bloated, plot-holey finale arc. That said, this stuff shows the direction for the second season, and in that sense, it’s encouraging. Will I watch another 25-episodes to see these questions answered? Yeah, I definitely will.

But am I happy about having a second season (or whatever new project they’re planning on)? No, not really. Sunrise doesn’t have a great record with further installments. And, as I said, this show did not need another season. Everything could have been neatly wrapped up in this one. Darn, greedy executives! Learn something from your villains! Oh well, at least a second season will mean a Rock Bison episode.

Ultimately, the finale doesn’t suck, but it comes very close. It plays out a lot like an Avengers movie (examples: Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America), which means, yeah, it has it’s fun, glorious moments, but it’s also silly, predictable, and worse, it feels more like an ad for something bigger than a definitive finale.

I’ll do my thoughts on Tiger & Bunny as a whole later. For the time being, what did you think of the finale? Did it satisfy you? What was your least favorite part and your favorite part?

Are you looking forward to a new Tiger & Bunny project?

Thanks for reading!