I want to firstly state that the episode is technically named Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 0 but can be considered as an OVA which is why I chose to use OVA instead of episode 0 which sounds weird. As that’s done, let’s begin!

*Inception music starts playing*

Just to recap for those who don’t know, Tofu’s really hyped up about Boku Tomo (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) and is even more hyped up after the OVA. I’ve also read the manga so I knew exactly what the hell was going on in the OVA. It might’ve seemed like your typical harem show with all the luck in the word going towards Kodoka but that’s just his imagination after passing out from the hot pot.

I wouldn’t classify this show as a harem because I know how ruthless these girls can get. As for comedy, it might just be me considering I read the manga but I was cracking up in each of those imaginations of Kodoka’s and cracked up even more when he was puked on. It sure showed us the fact that this isn’t going to be some happy-go-lucky anime. It’s going to have a hell lot of other stuff you might not expect and there is a proper story to this comedic school life we’re about to encounter. Other than that, if you’ve noticed, the character designs are the same as Denpa Onna.

That's right~ SLEEP my precious girls~... MWAHAHAHAHA!!

Did anyone else think of Terminator when the drums start playing after they showed the alienated hot pot a couple of times at the start? It’s just something lame I noticed but besides that, there will be more references made to other shows or games in the series (as shown with Monster Hunter in the OVA) so look out for them, especially the Gundam one. If anyone is confused by the relationship or what is happening in the OVA, fear not because like I said, it’s like a sneak peak in the many things that could possibly happen amongst the club activities and everything will be explained once you keep watching on.

I personally think this show’s going to be epic and with an awesome seiyuu cast, I’m definitely looking forward to what’s to come! The seiyuu cast goes as followed: Kodoka played as Kimura Ryohei (Hinata – Angel Beats), Sena played as Itou Kanae (Elucia – The World God Only Knows), Yozora played as Inoue Marina (Yoko – Gurren Lagann), Kobato played as Hanazawa Kana (Kanade – Angel Beats), Yukimura played as Yamamoto Nozomi (new seiyuu), Rika played as Fukuen Misato (Yin – Darker than Black) and Maria played as Iguichi Yuka (Index – Toaru Majutsu no Index<). With a great seiyuu cast like this, it should at least be given a try for its money.

"aww yeah~ that's the spot, this hot pot is so GOOOD~~ awww~~...."

Rating: I’ve decided to give this short clip 8 out of 10. The OVA is only there to show us a little bit of what happens during club activities. You can think of it as a sneak peak, not a continuation from the hot pot incident. I really am looking forward to AIC Build’s effort in adapting this show because like anyone else who’s hyped up for their very own shows, I don’t want AIC Build to ruin Boku Tomo’s hype and popularity it should deserve.

Till next time minna-san!

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