Nonoha finally gets a title — Monster Lady! Very suitable, don’t you think? Some sort of crazy elephant monster who is super strong and has perfect photographic memory… She should play karuta, she’d probably be really good at it! Though it’s too bad she wasn’t named after Venus Williams or Natalie Coughlin (my childhood hero!) or some athlete like I thought she’d be ._.

Whatever you say, Nonoha...

Before we even get to really know the main villain (well, he might not be the antagonist anymore) or his intentions, he’s replaced by someone else. Hopefully it’ll lead to two things, the first bringing Albino Afro to confront Kaito directly. His character and motivations are still unclear. I thought it was just to test Kaito, but why? If so, then maybe he’ll just go straight to Kaito to challenge him. What is this lame new villain’s goal, to kill using puzzles? A wannabe Jigsaw? The principle mentions that the Puzzle of God makes people crazy, but… why… Although I like the puzzle-every-week format, it would be helpful to delve more into the organization, their purpose, and what the treasures are for. A good show should have good villains, but the POG and its main players are too vague at the moment!

What is it--OHHH...

The second part I’m hoping from this new management is that even if our puzzle-solving rag-tag team gets kind POGs like Madoka-sensei – except the whole putting cute little kids in danger part, they weren’t even necessary! – the puzzles will hopefully be more and more malicious and harder (these were grade-school puzzles!), that they’ll be dangerous in its nature as oppose to this one, which was dangerous only because of the building. The rubble and giant rocks from the ceiling didn’t even hurt Nonoha, she must really be a monster! The next puzzle should be one where they’ll die painfully or be tortured if they get the wrong answer ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

How is it possible to memorize this?! Φ_Φ

Unfortunately Kaito’s sticking to the weird idea that puzzles have feelings that are warm and fuzzy, and to add to the kiddy-ness of the show, Nonoha gets a very nurturing title – Florence Nightingale! “Nightingale” sounds really cool and pretty, and she’s very respectable, but does Nonoha get the title because she’s good at taking care of kids, hence naming her after a nurse? Or is it because she’s a sports genius (then her title isn’t related at all), or because she has perfect memory? I admit I’m horrible with historical figures so the only famous historical women I can think of are Helen Keller, Marie Curie, Hypatia err… does Joan of Arc count? That would be a pretty badass title. How about Cleopatra? Frida Kahlo? Natsume Ono? What did you guys think about Nonoha’s title, or titles in general?