Hello minna-san! Just for those who’ve been wondering where the Figure Spotlight posts have gone, it took a change on scenery over at our new site, Sekijitsu Shinbun but now it’s back where it first started and staying here! Though of course, what about Shinbun’s figure posts then you ask? Our dear Feyetta who has recently joined in the Shinbun team will be tackling figure posts over at Shinbun so make sure you check them out!

Moving on, I present to you the lovely and adorable Azu-nyan from my favourite series of all time: K-On! Azusa does come with her signature cat ears and thus if you’re watching Guilty Crown you will notice that Tsugumi is voiced by the same seiyuu (Taketatsu Ayana) thus the ‘futuristic’ cat ears she wears is linked closely to Ayana’s previous character Azusa! How cool is that? *ahem* Before I get off track, let me mention that besides the cat ears, the Azusa nendoroid is quite stern and durable as I’ve never seen it fall over before (after several accidental nudges to the stand…) and it also comes with Azusa’s cat which we see hanging around at her house. If you guys don’t know who I’m talking about or what this anime is check it out at MAL through the link provided.

Other details of interest listed down below:

Figure: Azusa Nakano Nendoroid (K-On!)

Company: Good Smile Company

Camera: Sony Cyber shot DSC-W150

Model: …Unknown…

Height: approx. 100mm

Price: $59.95(US?) at Amazon.com

Contents: Cat ears, black cat, guitar, guitar amp, clear stand, changeable face and hands.

Stability: High

Fragility: Low

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