Hello minna-san! Here’s a whole series review of Working’!!. As usual, I will provide a brief summary of the show followed by a rating on its Art, Music, Story and Flow. Last, there will be an overall rating, my personal recommendation for the series and a poll that will allow you to decide on my justification. Hope you enjoy! Note: Summary may contain spoilers.


Continuing on from the first season, the usual suspects who work at Wagnaria continue to light up the atmosphere with each of their unique and individual personalities; creating a bunch of misunderstandings that come together in executing the comedic impact Working’!! wishes to bestow on its viewers. We dig deeper into Takanashi and Inami’s relationship and also Sato’s and Yachiyo’s relationship throughout the series plus we are introduced to new characters with one of my favourite being Maya, the girl who’s normal in her perspective but would normally be viewed as abnormal from our perspectives due to her constant struggle to be normal in every situation.



The character designs and even the backgrounds were nothing great but nothing bad as well though what really appeals in the art section is the facial expressions and reactions each character displays throughout the series which makes it not only fun but FUN-ny (ahaha…no.) as well. It’s these over expressive emotions the characters in Working’!! display that makes the comedy they execute more powerful and enjoyable to watch that you’ll eventually want more.


Though not as catchy as the first OP, the second OP still offered a great jolt of fluffy cuteness while accompanied by the OP sequences. I wasn’t that impressed with the ED overall and tend to skip it most of the time but it’s the OST’s/BGM’s/SFX’s – however you want to call it – that really made this show work. While the comedy was being executed, there’s always a brilliantly selected background music or sound affect accompanied with the comedy, making it more emotionally powerful and hilarious to witness with our own eyes and ears.


Working’!! never really had a plot nor a serious story but when it had to get serious, Working’!! executed them well. Examples are the ‘couples’ of Wagnaria’s moments throughout the series. Even so, Working’!! compensated its lack of story and plot with comedy skits and that itself offered us a story in itself. Only a few times I didn’t find certain jokes funny enough to giggle about or put on a smirk but most of the times I’ll be laughing at how well done the comedy is in Working’!! and also how they continue to offer a great flow between scenes. I guess it’s true that if you’ve got a bunch of comedy, people will easily ignore the lack of story behind it? Well the thing about Working’!! is that it never needed a story; it just needed jokes.


You might be thinking “hang on, whatever happened to the ‘flow’ section?” Well the thing is that flow was very related to story so I decided to take it out and include another essential thing to a show/series and that is characters! Without a great cast of characters how can a show work? But do not fear because Working’!! has one of the best cast of characters I’ve seen who individually offer their own little personality and interactions with each other which ends up into a gigantic comedy fest. There are only a few characters in the series I don’t really care about or didn’t think much for them but the main suspects at Wagnaria sure knows how to please new and old fans/viewers. Everyone’s different perspectives put together works so well and offer an infinite amount of ideas that can be used as great comedy which they have done already! And the brilliance of it all is that you find yourself liking nearly every character the show has to offer.


Overall rating

The characters individual personalities accompanied by their own unique character designs and befittingly selected choices of background music and sound effects all come together and sync so well in executing the comedy in which Working’!! wanted to execute. It’s such a hilarious series full of hits and only a few misses but not everyone can think of such a great way in portraying each character through the use of comedy and/or romance. Definitely an enjoyable series and a show that will pull you into wanting more the more you watch.

Should you watch it? Definitely watch Working’!! but if you haven’t watched the first season I suggest you do so to get familiar with all the characters and trust me, season 1 is as enjoyable as season 2 so you won’t be disappointed if you do pick this show up. As a matter of fact I picked this show up recently and now I love it and I’m sure you’ll all love it too.

Till next time minna-san!