Here’s episode 13 of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko titled “Midnight Sun”. Hope you enjoy!

How long has it been since the series ended? 2-3 season’s maybe? Well however long it was, it sure did feel nostalgic seeing Erio again and… that opening song… it also brought back some memories which weren’t so… positive. Let’s leave it at that before I start to hate on the OP any further. So, the first characters we get to see (besides Erio) is Nyawaniwa- *cough* I mean Niwa-kun and the most energetic girl of the series, Ryuuko. I’ve noticed that there were much more Shaft-ness used in this episode compared to the rest; questioning our beliefs on the questions once left unsolved in the 12 episodes we experienced in the past. But hey, Erio’s as adorable as ever with every other character being their usual, quirky-self; making episode 13 both nostalgic and fun to watch.

Yet another pose to be added to the 'Weird poses to type a text message'... "Does the book exist?" I seriously don't know.

Other than spending some ‘good adolescent’ quality time with the adorable Ryuuko, we also got to see Maekawa (a.k.a Maekawa of Farsight) in her usual yet unique costumes; this time around, wearing an eel costume while running a sea food stand. Nostalgia hits hard in this episode considering we who enjoyed watching this series waited for quite a while to see the ‘true’ ending for the series. Maekawa showing a more lively side was unusual but funny to see and who could forget about her little blood problem? Oh how I’ve missed those days (even though I gave Denpa Onna 6 out of 10, it was still enjoyable).


Of course, the episode wasn’t all just about the festival and having nostalgic thoughts. What this episode offered us which none of the other episodes within the series did was answer that unanswered question: Is Yashiro just a human or does she really have esper powers? Forgotten what episode it was in the past, I remembered one scene where Yashiro was able to ‘call’ upon a massive amount of water; dumping it all on Makoto who so happens to be on the other side of the fence in that outdoor swimming pool scene. That was the one scene which left most of us questioning Yashiro crying wolf but whether or not you want to believe that she does have esper powers is up to you.

I personally think both-ways is possible; either she decided upon that very time and place to show Makoto her powers through sending a meteorite down to earth because it would ‘blend in’ with the other records of meteor falls in that area or she knew about that area having several records of meteor falls and decides to ‘act’ like she did send it down. Another possibility Makoto came across was the foresight and mission in protecting Makoto from that meteorite while playing the part of ‘the boy who cried wolf’ to cleverly make Makoto obey her as he did. It definitely questions your judgement and stance on whether or not there are such powers or life forms while weighing out the same common sense and pride as a ‘normal’ human as Makoto has. I’d like to hear your thoughts so don’t be shy to share your ideas on the episode down below in the comments section.

Rating: I’ve decided to give this episode 8 out of 10. As much as it was nostalgic and beautiful, it also continued to question our beliefs on what is real and what isn’t as we know them to be. It will definitely be one of the series forgotten amongst the rest but as of now, let’s enjoy the moment while it’s still fresh with Erio’s sparkles and a certain adolescent scoring board. This being the last one, Makoto’s adolescent point in total ever since episode 1 till now adds up to +3 (which is still not as much as mine). I do hope you’ve enjoyed my coverage on Denpa Onna as it was my first time covering a series from start to finish (if I recall correctly) and I will try to improve my writing as I continue to write. If there is anything… anything at all you wish to say, comment, praise or complain about, I’m all ears down below in the comments section.

Till next time minna-san!