Episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter titled ‘A Hope That Shouldn’t Have Been There’. Enjoy!

There was so much that happened in this episode, I seriously don’t know when to start so I’ll say this first. For those who STILL think Saya isn’t Black Gold Saw, they literally made that connection in the episode, making it official so you can drop guessing game. Even so, I don’t know if Saya is a bad person or a good person after watching episode 6. Her choice of putting mental stress into the girls was to keep the ‘other’ self in check from awakening their animalistic side, but since Black Rock has awakened, she will “destroy the world”. I do believe that her actions in protecting “her” (a.k.a Strength) through putting mental stress in the girls are unjustifiable and wrong. Yet, is she really an antagonist or an anti-hero right now?

What I don’t understand is why the ‘other’ selves HAVE to fight and why Saya wishes to bring out those ‘other’ selves through hurting the girls in reality. We know that the other selves CAN work together (eg: battle with Chariot with Dead Master and Black Rock teaming up) yet does Saya wish for fights to break out in order to protect Strength? I seriously don’t understand that choice of action because it’d be better to just get along with people and not fight at all. Oh wait, we’re talking about an ‘action’ anime so they can’t work with common sense or else it’d be boring huh… well at least the fighting was fricken awesome! The choreography in those fighting scenes was entertaining to watch and it also proved something; Strength is the strongest out of them all!

Though if we want to talk about Yuu, we’d have to talk about what she is exactly. We know that Yuu isn’t human and I still believe she’s just a manifestation from Strength to allow Strength monitor the reality world and stick with the girls. What I don’t understand is whether Yuu in Saya’s past is the same Yuu today. She sure doesn’t act the same but what about Mato’s memories of being with Yuu since they were young? Memory alteration? It’s possible. On a different note, I actually don’t like the new BRS design. That head gear looks ugly on her and even the weapons she uses aren’t that ‘cool’ but hey it’s just my personal opinion. What really sends me continuous surges of curiosity is Yomi at the end. She chose to delete Mato’s mail folder on her phone as if it’s like she decided to delete Mato from her memory (or maybe she never knew Mato at all after having her memory altered?).

Rating: I’ve decided to give this episode 8 out of 10. I was astonished about how much was revealed in this episode and the amount of questions Black Rock Shooter continues to shoot at us while we desperately try to find the answer. It really does help pull in the audience and I find myself wanting to watch Black Rock Shooter more so than the other series in the season. I really didn’t intend for it to become this great and it really makes me happy as a Black Rock Shooter fan. Saya is revealed somewhat as an anti-hero but it’s still questionable about her actions and whether or not they’re truly for good or evil. I really want to know how they’ll save Mato and I’m curious with what they’re going to do in wrapping up the series.

Till next time minna-san!