So Black Rock Shooter the anime’s nearly close to finishing up (according to my knowledge, it’s an 8 episode series) I thought I’d like to give it a special salute with a weekly art post dedicated to not only the anime, but also the OVA, the game and even the manga (yes there is actually a manga for BRS!). As you’ll notice down below, there are some characters you’re very familiar with… but also some characters you might not have seen before and even some cross-overs/cameos. Sure you can complain and say it’s not “pure BRS art” but hey, it was too good to leave out and I know you’re enjoying them deep down as well so throw out your nitpicking and enjoy the BRS art collection!

Note: Although Tofu’s words might potentially be interpreted in a negative way, there was no intention of a negative tone within his writing. Teehee!