Final episode of Black Rock Shooter titled ‘Beyond This World’. Enjoy!

Derp Face.

Continuing on from last episode, Yuu continues to pummel Black Rock to the point that Strength decides to kill herself. Of course, Mato was able to intervene though one of the cheesiest way of preventing Strengths death. As much as it was cheesy, I still enjoyed it (even if I did laugh a bit when I first saw it). I continue to find myself feeling attached to Mato more and more because I’ve been in that situation where I don’t have the courage to hurt others and prefer to be hurt myself for the sake of others yet I would hurt others in order to protect those close to me and that’s the exact development we see in Mato as she realizes she must fight Black Rock in order to protect those dear to her.


I know some of you might think Yomi is quite selfish for wanting to “share her pain and sadness with others” but that’s what friends are for. We all stand beside each other, help each other stand up when they are lost in despair and share the pain and burden if we could in order to see those closest to us smile once more. This is most likely why I loved seeing the ‘other selves’ all praying and finally standing side-by-side as friends instead of enemies. Of course, as cheesy and funny as it is, the HUGE MEGA RAINBOW CANNON was a nice touch in order to reach Black Rock’s heart and also destroy the world of isolation to create a wasteland where all the ‘other selves’ can live together.

I found Strength’s death really saddening seeing how much development and importance she is to Mato. Yeah I know, I’m a sucker for tears and sad scenes like these but I can’t help it. It was a powerful scene and lead to a happy ending which I absolutely loved to bits. I’m not a fan of the yuri suspicion but it’s always nice to see friends make up and move on. It’s really all part of life when you think about it – we laugh, we love, we cry, we fight and like Mato said, the world is full of many different colours, different emotions which isn’t all good but isn’t all bad as well. It’s this balance of good and evil which helps us learn the beauty of this world and I do believe this is what the series wanted to express using the Little Bird book as a symbol. Even if the world can be so negative, there’s always something we can continue fighting for, whatever it is.


Rating: I’ve decided to give this episode 8 out of 10. It did get a bit cheesy here and there but you can’t ignore the fact that Black Rock Shooter handles emotions in a brilliant manner. I was always worried about an 8 episode length at the start but seeing the last episode made me think that any more or less wouldn’t be right. Black Rock Shooter told its story with a nice pacing to it, filled with twist in the places which helped increase our curiosity for the series. It tells a story close to our own reality which we can relate to like how I was able to relate to Mato. I know it’s not a series for all, or even for some seeing as the majority of you don’t like it but still I’d say Black Rock Shooter is a series you shouldn’t knock before you try.

Till next time minna-san!