Episode 10 and 11 of Inu X Boku SS titled ‘The Unfaithful Dog’ and ‘Kagerou’ respectively. Enjoy!

I wonder what those cannons were used for... O_O

Strictly sticking to talking about episode 10 for now before I lose myself and fan boy over episode 11, it served as a nicely paced build-up to what we have been revealed in episode 11. Full of comedy right from the bat, the Ayakashi kan residents are forced to participate in another one of Kagerou’s S and M games. Besides that, Ririchiyo starts to question Soushi about how interested he was in her since he never brought up the topic about Ririchiyo’s fiancé news. She tells it in a way that it seems like she knows and understands about her feelings towards Soushi even though we didn’t exactly see her realize this till later. On a side note, I can’t help but find Ririchiyo adorable from waiting for an email reply; getting all nervous over whether or not Soushi hates him (which I kinda tend to do as well – overthink things).

Back on topic, Ririchiyo finally realized her love for Soushi after quite a sad yet scary confrontation. The scene held the emotion of fear but also sadness and affection which I personally thought was done really well. We’re seeing a much scarier side of Soushi we’ve never seen before which riled Ririchiyo. Even so, Soushi and Kagerou certainly have something big hidden within themselves to the point they must fight which leads us to episode 11 where Ririchiyo was told that Soushi had deceived her himself. It was a big cliff-hanger indeed seeing that Soushi displayed what could’ve been jealousy in episode 10 then spoke about deception right at the end. Of course, now that we move onto episode 11, let me first state that I found it utterly no less than beautiful. It has became my personal favourite episode in the series and I dare say one of the best episodes of the season!

Maybe my love for this show held a bit of bias (actually quite a lot) for me to state that episode 11 was one the best episodes of the season but it was such a beautiful episode! Please excuse me if I overuse the word beautiful but really… the pacing, the narrative, the music, everything in this episode worked in favour to reveal the one big secret. The choice of explaining his past this late was perfect in gaining our curiosity about this character. We see him around in the series but we never understood him. In fact, we saw him with a mysterious aura. Soushi sought freedom through what he thought was the right path – seducing women who had large amounts of power and status. He was wrong.

Ririchiyo saved Soushi from taking the wrong path to freedom. She helped Soushi realize his own persona and that he too had a heart and a soul as a human being. Through her help, Soushi developed emotions and began to understand how wrong his actions were. Yet what was truly beautiful was how Soushi wanted people to notice him and Ririchiyo was the first one to do so. Even if they exchanged letters without Soushi stating that it was actually him, it held a lot of emotions about a sense of belonging and identity between the two. Both shared the blood of youkai and both were isolated with only each other as comfort. Cheesy as it may seem, it was adorable and created the biggest lead up I’ve ever seen in my anime history when Ririchiyo realized Soushi was the one who wrote those letters. Just as much as Soushi noticed Ririchiyo, Ririchiyo also noticed Soushi and them sharing an affectionate hug cannot be described in words. The whole series was a big crescendo leading up to this point and I even dare say it did a better job at it than Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

Rating: I’ve decided to give an overall 9 out of 10 for both episodes as a whole. Let me first state that episode 10 had a good lead up in the end but I’d personally given it a 7 out of 10. If I was to ignore episode 11, I’d say that episode 10 didn’t have much going for it besides the comedy and a big twist in the end but now it all makes sense. With episode 11, we can finally say that everything up to this point was for a reason. Whether it was to have a slow or fast pacing, incorporate comedy or not, the story telling overall was magnificent and for such a series like Inu X Boku, you really need to look at it as a whole instead of separate episodes.

I didn’t want go get too personal about episode 11 but I will say it once again that I found that episode to be adorably beautiful and stunning. My vocabulary is so limited right now I can’t express how much I loved that episode with words! Everything was worth it, everything leading up to the last few seconds as Ririchiyo an Soushi share a hug was worth it. This fan boy here is more than satisfied and hopefully the ending is pulled off well in the final episode… oh my… final… I’ve gotten so attached to this series I don’t want to let go of it now!

Till next time minna-san!