Last episode of Inu X Boku SS titled ‘The Day We Came Together’. Enjoy!

Obligatory screencap for a Hikasa/Ririchiyo fan boy <3 Teehee!

I’m not quite sure about you guys but I felt the last episode for Inu X Boku SS to be one of the best and most befitting yet satisfying ending I’ve seen in my anime experience. Looking back, I do think Boku wa Tomodachi’s ranking in the 2011 Top 10 list was due to a HUGE amount of bias and also because it was one of the new shows so the experience was fresh at the time but comparing it to Inu X Boku… it definitely ranks under it. Maybe I’m also bias again this time around but after episode 11 when Soushi and Ririchiyo had that beautiful hug near the end I was asking myself “how are they going to end it in episode 12 with something this big to surpass?” Boku wa Tomodachi couldn’t do it but Inu X Boku could. I’m more than just satisfied as a big fan and hell; I was going nuts in RL watching this!!

Ririchiyo: "W-What is this!? I don

Holy SHIT! Run Ririchiyo RUN!!

Having those little scenes playing during the credits was a brilliant idea. I loved how Ririchiyo found out about Soushi’s ‘room of pictures’ and then reminded her “you DID say that you loved me the way I am right?”. Oh Soushi… I’ll never get bored of how crazy you can get! Not only that, I was full on sprouting things like “NO, DON’T TURN THIS INTO HENTAI THE LAST MINUTE!!” when Soushi asked Ririchiyo to have a baby! That was so out of the blue but as much as it was funny, it was a touching and powerful scene too. These two isolated individuals in their childhood now have each other and soon a family that will not be bounded by such negativity they faced. I was near to tears at the end because I’m really soft for this kind of stuff. I’m glad but I’m sad this is all ending. At least there’s going to be a special episode coming out around September… TOO LONG!


The time capsule idea was brilliant in leading to Ririchiyo and Soushi getting together. Since we were already talking about letters beforehand, it seems befitting in how the episode started and carried out till the end. Even though the episode focused on the little kid, I didn’t really mind. Sure you could argue otherwise but looking at the episode overall, is there really anything you’d change? Talking about focusing on characters, we all knew Karuta and Watanuki wouldn’t get together but these two are just so adorable together! Not only that, did anyone else feel as if the last episode deliberately wanted us to think dirty? The title can be interpreted in many ways and if you put it together with Soushi’s line “let’s have a baby”… yeah you know what I mean. Even Karuta’s like “I want to be eaten”… seems Watanuki might have a chance, we’ll see in the special perhaps? Huhuhuhuhuhu…

Ririchiyo witnessed something on the internet she shouldn't have... you know what I mean~

Rating: I’ve decided to give this episode 9 out of 10. In all honesty, I’m really close to giving it 10 out of 10 but since I hate using decimals and it didn’t reach it, I’ve rounded it down to 9. There’s nothing in the episode I would’ve disagreed with or changed because I loved every second if it. I loved the comedy in this episode; I loved how they used the tie capsule idea in order to lead up into Ririchiyo and Soushi getting together in a really romantic way and I loved how Inu Boku’s music just puts you into the right trance every time. 7 year’s difference? Pfft, there are no boundaries when it comes to love! Favourite scene would definitely have to go to the park scene when they got together.

From the first few episodes, we understood Ririchiyo’s situation and pain. In the previous episode, we understood Soushi’s pain too. These two were able to love themselves by loving each other and to me, I found it really romantic. My expectations have been buried and I’m more than satisfied with this outcome… well I guess now there’s going to be heaps and HEAPS of hentai material from here on out… Damn Soushi, why did you have to say you wanted a baby; you could’ve left it as family! Oh… maybe that’s one thing I’d change. Just kidding guys… it has been hell of a lot fun blogging this show and I want to thank everyone who has chosen to read my blog and SPECIAL THANKS to all my commenters whether you’re a regular or not. It’s always nice to see comments and discussion around! I’ll definitely miss this much more than the other shows I’ve blogged up till now and… well… I’ll definitely miss you guys…

...gotta hate that feeling of emptiness after finishing a series you love...