It’s a pretty slow episode this time around. Not to say that it’s boring, but it’s much more lackluster than the first episode in terms of humor, music, and animation. Luckily, it makes up for the lack of funk through character introductions and Mutta. Well, mostly Mutta. Because he’s pretty cool.

(The translation wasn't accurate so I fixed it)

As cute as it is watching Mutta visit his lesbian aunt and watching her reminisce about Mr. Natural Perm, it doesn’t do much for me. Although it lets us learn more about Mu-chan’s character, perhaps they could have shorten it for a bit rather than spend a full half episode on it, because it almost felt like a full episode to me… Maybe my attention span is just too short ;;

Space Brothers makes a point in returning to childhood frequently, through these flashbacks and random things (super cute CD, trumpet-playing at the end, Mutta’s room), and even the OP & ED. It’s something you don’t really pick up on the manga, but the show decided to highlight to carry a theme. I think the first episode was a hit because Mutta was kind of put into that state of childhood – a kind of goofy and not-so-serious guy forced to live with the parents, messing around at the playground with nothing better to do. But even as he’s trying to fulfill his childhood goals, he has adult worries.

Where am I getting with this? Well, it’s just something I’d like to see more of, because I feel I can relate to it. Something about wanting to prove yourself as an adult to your childhood-self. We get just a bit of it in this episode, as he regained that “I’m gonna chose the hardest thing because I can” attitude he aunt spoke of, even if it wasn’t completely intentional, like having to screw the screw back on himself rather than ignoring it (which may or may not have cost him his interview). If anyone thinks the three who noticed the screw won’t get cut, place your bets now!

How will the new characters change up the show? It looks like they’ll have their own personalities that’ll shift the current cast from Mutta, Mutta’s awesome mom, & misc. characters I don’t care about to something more balanced. As awesome as Mutta and his silly antics are, it would be hard to watch if it’s just him and his internal monologue all the time! That being said, if Space Bros does end up being 12-13 episodes, they should pick up the pace a little more (with reasonable discretion), especially with more characters – and a potential love interest – in the mix. BTW, do you guys take off your pants right when you get home or is it just Mu-chan…?