A while back ago, I stumbled across Kai’s Anime Time Management project and thought “Hey, this looks like fun” so I decided to join the many who’ve participated in this project to tell you just how we (or I really since everyone is different) manage our time between the world outside and our lives on the internet. If you wish to check out other fellow blogger’s response to how they manage their own time, click on the hyperlink provided. Other than that, let’s get started shall we!?

The Sekijitsu HQ where Bass soundly sleeps as his crew works their asses off... we demand a rise!

My Working Environment

I, myself being (currently) the youngest blogger on Sekijitsu might be the reason why I have so much time on my hands to contribute compared to the rest of the team. I’ve heard bits and pieces of how each of them are struggling in real life and trust me… it is intense stuff (especially you Bass… I tip my hat to you). Being in my last year of highschool (the year before starting University), like most you’d think that it’s full of tests, assignments and heaps load of homework and study notes to revise on. It’s true. There’s a decent load that will keep you going each day to the point where for the assignments that are due the week later, it’s best not to put it off. Why so? Because it will only accumulate in the end with you struggling to the point of only gaining a decent mark. Definitely not worth it.

So how do I manage my time around this you might ask? Compared to my mates at school, I’m quite the slow worker but in reality, I’m considered quite fast when it comes to getting the work done. In fact, I only realized myself after being told of how quick I get work done… I was surprised. In fact, what I came across is that I’m finding the last year of highschool – supposedly the hardest year through many anecdotal evidences – easier than my previous year. I find myself with more time to do the things I love this year than the previous year and the only reason I can come up with that explains this bizarre reality of mine is what I call ‘free periods’.

Hopefully my desk will be more neater when I become a teacher myself

To explain a free period, first of all I must explain to you my schools system. We study minimum 4 subject to maximum 6 subject where there are 6 period slots in each day. Each subject gets a total worth of 5 slots a week to fit all 6 subjects in. I’m doing 5 subjects in the current year so that means there are 5 slots free throughout the week. Those free slots are what we call ‘free periods’ and it is only used for study. Being the good boy I am, I use these free’s to get most of my work done so when I get home, I have less or no schoolwork to do; allowing me to blog, game, watch anime, read manga and etc. In your eye’s I might be a goody-two-shoes but really, I only do so because 1) the net at school is way too slow and 2) they have really shitty computers/laptops (school provides netbooks to students for study purpose but they are so bad, it only hinders your study).

That is one way to see things, but Tofu, what about the times when you need to study for exams alongside homework? Well that’s when organisation and multitasking comes into play. At times the workload I gain is too much to be completed within a minuscule 45 minutes (it’s how long each free period lasts for) so most of it comes back home with me. At this stage, I differ greatly to the many who procrastinate because I actually power through my homework and study notes for any upcoming exams (it’s dumb to study in 1 huge sitting so I usually study in multiple small sittings). Maybe surprising to most and obvious to some, the reason why I actually get home and power through my work before anything else is because I’ve been in countless stressful situations that involved procrastinating to the point I had to spend 4 whole days on homework and studying: morning to night just to get it all done. It was horrible.

The fear of going through such a situation hunts me each time I gain a stack load of homework from that one day at school. So nowadays, I only have to deal with a decent amount of work and for those who are curious. Try to remember your last year of highschool and on average how much did you get each day. I’m to finish all of it in approximately 3 hours or so. It’s not much is it but since school finishes at 3:06 and I usually arrive home by 4, I have from 7 till 10 to do whatever I want. Oh right, I should also let you all know that I sleep at approx 10 each day and 11 on holidays (kinda like a curfew). with about 3 hours for everything else, it was a nice amount of time for me back when I only blogged one series each season.

I realized that the awesome crew at Sekijitsu were flooded by an intense amount of RL stuff that I knew a series each season wasn’t going to cut it. So I gambled with 2 series as you saw with Black Rock Shooter and Inu X Boku SS. It was quite a bit at first but sooner or later, I got used to the system and devised strategies around it to limit how much time I spend on each post. With dual monitors, I was able to write my thoughts while watching the episode where as in the past, sometimes I’d forget the little things and waste time re-watching. Not only that, since I’m sure all sites have a html page for their posts. I created my very own html templates (it was a must considering our visuals were down in the past with only html to work on). I walked into this new html world knowing next to nothing but through time, I began to understand how it worked to the point that I felt a resistance to change when the visuals were back up.

As you can see, one my my monitors is smaller than the other... OTL

Even so, I’m happy the visuals are back instead of guessing what html code does what through a preview page but even till this day and onwards, I will continue to use my templates as they’ve helped me decrease the amount of time I spent working on each post from 3 hours each post to about 1,5 to 2 hours each post. Even so, I don’t like overworking myself so I usually publish my post over weekends or schedule future posts (like the Weekly Art posts) on weekdays so I don’t have to go out of my way to divide my homework time for other stuff I’ve found this system to be really flexible and simple enough that I’m gambling on doing more than 2 series each season. The only problem is, watching on average 18 series a season and finding time to play games can really limit how many posts I can do without burning out. Though as a fun fact, my max limit in one sitting is 4 posts – meaning writing up 4 posts in a row without a break. After that, I go through a burnout process for the whole day which isn’t great. Why I know that 4 is my limit is because I did those 4 First Impressions in one sitting and after that, I was so dead. It was all for you guys so pay up pepz! No, no I’m just joking with ya… for now.

Tips For Managing Time

First of all, I’m not promoting nor persuading you to get dual monitors but if you have the extra money then go ahead. The environment you work in (whatever environment that may be) is essential to your working habits and time management. School is a great place to get most of your work done as it’s the environment you study in. Get most of it done outside of your household, maybe even go out to the local library (I know my friend does and she has much more free time than I do because of it). Even so, if you do have homework laying around at home, get it done as soon as possible. Keep your computer turned off or anything that will distract you and tell yourself that it’s the reward you get after you finish everything. Bloggers especially, use the schedule function to spread out your posts and if you wish, develop your own templates because those save heaps of time when you’re preparing a post.

Relaxing while knowing that you've done everything is always the best feeling.

Your Thoughts?

So other than me and my boring life, what about all you dear readers? I know that in the past when I was a frequent commentor on Metanorn, I realized that commenting can also take quite a bit of your time off and nowadays I only find myself reading and not commenting as much. How do you guys manage your time including you bloggers? I only frequently check 4 sites (3 aniblogs and 1 podcast)  which includes commenting and reading but I know that there’s heaps of bloggers and readers out there that frequent much, much more. How do you get around to doing that? I’m really curious to hear about everyone’s own time management compared to mine.

Time for me to go and marathon some Pokemon! Ja ne~ <3