F@#% this, I quit!

I’m feeling it guys… that GC feeling of cheesiness especially in episode 4. It didn’t work in their favor making Haruyuki even more of an unlikable character considering I wanted to roast that fat boy for making my Kuroyukihime cry! What should’ve been a sad and teary moment between Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki when she confessed her love for him (as if you like him Kuroyuki!), I found it very mediocre. The same goes for Accel World’s (failed) attempt at making episode 4 ‘funny’. Maybe it was my initially high expectations from episode 1 that have ruined my overall enjoyment, maybe it’s something else. Even so, I was close to dropping Accel World and would’ve done so if I hadn’t already downloaded episode 5. After finally kicking things off the way I imagined it in episode 5, I’m finally looking forward to Accel World.

I, myself associate Accel World as an ‘action packed’ series so in terms of all the school-life stuff they’ve been showing us, I had no interest in them. I’m sure if you’re one of the many who only watched BRS for the fighting then you’ll know what I mean. In all honesty, I loved seeing Haruyuki getting beaten up. Yeah I know, sadistic isn’t it? But to clarify, what I meant was that I loved Cyan Pile’s special moves and most definitely Kuroyukihime’s ‘Burst Link form’ which – although I knew what it looked like already – looks awesome right? It’s so bad ass I can’t get over it! I’m glad we’re finally getting some decent story progression happening and to make things even more awesome, we got to see an adorable twin tailed Kuroyukihime~! Can’t wait to hear what her real name is (even though I strongly feel that they should’ve ended it with the revelation of the name since now when I watch the next episode, it wouldn’t feel like anything special).


Rating: Refusing to give an overall rating for how differently opinionated I am of the two, episode 4 gets 5 out of 10 while episode 5 gets 7 out of 10. The fact that I didn’t want to give an overall rating was because I really hated the development of Haruyuki’s character in episode 4 from being a cowardly, weak, chubby boy to some know-it-all, bratty kid who made Kuroyukihime cry while episode 5 delivered what I wished to see in Accel World. What I also didn’t like about episode 4 was how they randomly tried to incorporate comedy for such a story that doesn’t need comedy at all. Seriously, I didn’t walk into this thinking it’d try to make us laugh for more than half of an episode.

Putting that aside, I was patiently looking forward to the fighting in Accel World and they did justice for me in episode 5. With all the explanation out of the way and the revelation of Kuruyukihime’s true battle form, the fight between Cyan Pile and Silver Crow was a sight to behold (nothing special but still enjoyable). Not only that, we finally got some decent progression with the story than the previous 4 episodes had offered us which is definitely a big plus considering they’re up to the 5th episode in this 24 episode long series. Let’s just hope for the best in the upcoming episodes and if there’s anything you’d like to say – whatever it may be – please do drop a comment!

PS: I’m not actually quitting…

...who was she again?