Thanks for coming! We write about anime, usually anime episodic posts. On occasion we write about manga, games and editorials whenever an idea comes along (Please do feel free to surf around our other categories on the home page). Also, we work as a team. We have six current writers, and we run the gamut from moe fans to sports fans, to elitists to pervs. Since we all have different tastes and voices, here’re some highlights from each individual staff member:

Bass (fish, responsible for our kickass graphics, he’s also the Demon World Warlord!)

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Elyon (fujoshi, responsible for spastic and eloquent fangirling)

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Mint (voice of reason, responsible for good writing and good taste)

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Renn (editor, responsible for this post, editorial gold mine)

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Tofu (soy product, too optimistic for his own good, currently the youngest writer)

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Vivi (fashionista, could single-handedly make us look cool)

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If we’ve caught your interest, please feel free to stick around. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for reading too!

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