Call it cliche and cheesy all you want, but it worked in favor for Niko’s development and the battle with Chrome Disaster. Accel World continues to amaze me week after week. I’m loving the fighting but most of all, I’m loving the characters; especially Niko in this episode. Alongside with the music, we’re shown a beautiful explanation of the true meaning between the guardian-protege bond in Brain Burst through Niko’s tragic past she shared with Cherry.

Niko has proven to be more than a cute loli with big guns; making her more lovable as a character that will continue to play a big role in Accel World. I think I’ve said something along the lines of not wanting this bond between Niko and the crew to break in the last post so I’m more than happy to see this outcome. Not only that, her relationship with Cherry is beautiful and how they use the idea of VR games could easily be related to not only gamers but even us who’ve developed a community online. I, myself know how Haruyuki feels and this development really touched me deeply considering I wrote such a embarrassing but personal story of my journey into the AniBlogSphere.

Rating: I’ve decided to give this episode 9 out of 10. Cliche’s and cheesiness doesn’t affect me greatly nor do I give much care. As long as you use it well then it’s fine and Accel World did just that in episode 12. I know I sound like I’m repeating myself a lot but man… I really loved this episode mainly because of Niko and how much I can relate to the characters. Besides that, the field changing was gorgeous too but what I’m curious about is the voices Haruyuki keeps hearing. If I’m not mistakened, in episode 1 there was someone calling out to Haru saying “Is that your wish?” so I get the feeling that this ‘voice’ is most likely related to the one he heard in Unlimited Burst. Could this also be related to Chrome Disaster? Or is this something entirely different!? With Cherry’s arc concluding, I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Accel World has in stored for us.