Will you join… the dark side?

Hey guys, it’s Tofu here and I’m sure you all know what I’ll be talking about just from the title alone right? Yes! The K-On movie was finally subbed! To be honest, I’ve seen it multiple times being the big fanboy I am but I figured because I’m so bias for K-On, a proper movie review wouldn’t work out (I’d just give it a 10 out of 10 in the end). 
Sooooo, I’ve decided to try something more refreshing and enjoyable! Joining me in this very special K-On movie review is the awesome, Ritsu die-hard fanboy Hato! Thanks for joining me Hato for our very soon upcoming discussion on the K-On movie. So first of all, could you please introduce yourself for all the readers?

Hey guys! I’m Hato. As Tofu mentioned, I’m a die-hard Ritsu fan (we’re both drummers, that’s why) and I’ll be joining the discussion today!

Tofu: Of course, before we can start talking about the movie, how frustratingly long was it to wait right!? From December 3rd till now, that’s about 7 months!
Hato: It was honestly ridiculous. The worst part was the last 48 hours because people were uploading pictures and gifs to Tumblr.
Tofu: Not only that, there were pictures of the Blu-rays and DVD’s on sale and I couldn’t help but throw a fit how I can get my hands on those limited collectors editions!
Hato: Oh my god, I know right!? I need a copy to frame and hang above my fireplace.
Tofu: I just really want to see my beloved Mio on the big screen doing silly things, reacting in silly ways and everything else! Talking about silly things~ Was that not the BEST and most HILARIOUS starting K-On has ever had!? I mean like COME ON! Houkago Tea Time was full on rocking out with their hair down and all! I seriously couldn’t help but tear up from laughter!
Hato: Oh hell yes. I was so excited. I actually thought they had learnt some new badass songs and that it would relate to them going to London, but in the end I was a little disappointed. Though, learning that it was a Death Devil song was awesome, ’cause it means that it’ll be in the OST! Bonus was Mugi looking like a bamf head banging.
Tofu: Mugi is a born head banger, I swear! Someone such as herself: so refined and lady-like doing such a thing as head banging. It’s so bazaar yet it felt so natural on her. The law of anime is scary but I love it!
Hato: Hey man, head banging is so lady-like. More chicks need to do it.
Tofu: Then I think you should try to azu-sist them so they can do it the proper way Hato – to head bang that is. (See what I did there?)
Hato: Oh ho ho, I do indeed see what you did there. Speaking of Azusa, do you enjoy her as a character at all?
Tofu: Well I know you actually dislike her because she’s too serious and always ruins the fun atmosphere. But personally, I consider her as my second most favourite character amongst the girls in the band. Maybe it’s because Azu-cat looks like Mio’s younger sister or the dark long hair (I’m into dark, long hair) but what about you Hato? How did you view her within the movie?
Hato: I was incredibly disappointed to learn that a lot of the movie would be spent looking for a present for her. Like, a big chunk of the movie was dedicated to her, and I didn’t like that. Mostly because I think she ruined the show. I agree she creates a good dynamic in the group, having someone who’s not stupid, but she’s just so odd.


Tofu: I can never understand why you think so but I do have to agree some parts of the movie could’ve been more enjoyable without all the seriousness in trying to make a song for Azusa (considering we already know what song it is from season 2). An example for me would be the part where Yui was running away with the group from some scary big guy with this really serious and stern look on her face she looked very robotic and it kinda ruined the whole ‘getting scared and running away’ mood.
Hato: Oh yeah! That was another massive thing! They had already played the song! Like, what the hell! I was hoping that maybe they would write the OP for the first season. I had always assumed that the OP’s and ED’s of the would be what their band could be like in future.
Tofu: I thought the same way but more so for the ending songs since they’re proper music videos than the opening songs. In fact, I never did make that connection that they would write the OP from the first season as the song in the K-On movie. Well I guess this is something we can’t entirely come to a consensus on since I actually like Asu-nyan a lot but you don’t. So to lighten up the mood, did you notice how there were HEAPS of new characters? Practically the whole class had voices and different faces were being shown.
Hato: Hells yes. Some new, some returning faces. I thought it was pretty damn awesome.
Tofu: I was so confused as to what the hell was going on.
Tofu: I figured they wouldn’t show the faces but they did! They sure don’t look very couple-like huh? But we know for a fact how lovey-dovey they are from what Yui keeps saying in season 1 and 2.
Hato: Pretty much.
Tofu: The class was filled with new faces and I have to admit, I find it funny how Satoshi tries to get the audience’s attention in the OP since he got only like 5 seconds worth of screen time throughout the whole movie. But at least you got to see your beloved Ritsu back right?
Hato: Ritsu is the best.
Tofu: Did her usual antics bring back some nostalgia in the movie for you?
Hato: She actually got some singing time as well but she didn’t do as much of her mocking voices. This makes Hato sad.
Tofu: What about the part where she declares her love for sushi? I found that pretty funny. “Hey you! I am buchou!” Oh and I really have to mention, I didn’t think they would get actual British voices to voice the British people.
Hato: I AM BUCHOU! The only bad voice was the lady in the first hotel. The cabbie was perfect. It’s okay though, I’m getting my Ritsu dose in Hyouka.
Tofu: That last part the lady said in the hotel sounded like she had a sore throat but yeah, that cab drivers got to be one of the best British voices in the movie. Not to mention how they even added the whole ‘British taxi drivers love driving fast’ stereotype… it is a stereotype right?
Hato: I guess so? If not, we’re probably being racist. Sorry, British cab drivers.
Tofu: Yep, sorry if we’ve made an incorrect stereotype.

Hato: Pretty awesome how they were able to perform twice. KyoAni should’ve put heaps of weebs in the audience.
Tofu: That would definitely not happen in real life but it was awesome being able to see HTT perform in London. Oh that reminds me, the first song they did was Curry no Rice because Yui saw an Indian!
Hato: Yui took it a little too far with her improvising.
Tofu: That was so racist!
Hato: THAT WAS HORRIBLE! Yui is secretly racist.
Tofu: I was seriously laughing when I saw the Indian waving.
Hato: A horrible revelation.
Tofu: Hey~ Anyone would become desperate to pick a song if they’re put on the spot. But I just find it hilarious how it had to be an actual Indian being the trigger for the song not like food or anything. By the way, I want that London version of the Gohan song.
Hato: She should’ve seen something on the menu.
Tofu: They had no chance to view the menu because they were forced to perform then kicked out Hato~ Actually, on the topic of music, we got to hear 5 seconds of Love Crisis’ music and I loved it.
Hato: All they wanted was sushi.
Tofu: I wonder if they’ll release Love Crisis music?
Hato: It sounded pretty brutal. OH! The sushi shop owner speaking Japanese! That was amazing.
Tofu: Oh god that part! It was so emphasized but it was to be expected of foreigner trying to speak Japanese. That was also one of the many funny moments I enjoyed in K-On along with the Dog Waste Disposal Box. I seriously don’t know what the hell were they doing with that.
Hato: Ahaha, what was she doing with that??
Tofu: I don’t know! That’s why I thought it was weirdly funny!
Hato: Did they think it was a weird box or something? Mio was totally scared shitless of her.
Tofu: “Oh no~ the weird box is eating my hand~” But Mio totally scared all the time was just…HNNNNNNNGG~! Though I realized that she was quite afraid throughout most of the trip huh?
Hato: Uh oh, Tofu is getting excited. Pretty much the whole time, even though she wanted to go to London.
Tofu: It’s the people; she doesn’t like interaction with new faces. Kinda like me~ I prefer to let someone else handle all the talking. Hehehehe… I swear Mio and I are very similar in nature~
Hato: No, Tofu, no! Keep it together!

Tofu: Hehehehe… But besides that, Mugi was so adorable throughout the movie right!?
Hato: Mugi and I are similar.
Tofu: Really!?
Hato: We both have amazing eyebrows.
Tofu: Oh… that’s actually true.
Hato: …And that’s about the extent of it.
Tofu: Yeah, you wish you were as rich and refined as her. Keep dreaming sushi boy
Hato: Naaah, I like being homeless
Tofu: Eh!?
Hato: Ahaha, totally just kidding. But on the topic of Mugi, why is she so rich? Did she pay for all the tickets?
Tofu: I actually wonder if she did or not, it wasn’t exactly touched upon since it’s not that important. But must we know why she’s rich? I just love how innocent she can get. As refined as she is, Mugi knows how to have fun – whether it’d be at the airport acting as some up-top actress, rocking out to Death Devil music and everything else!
Hato: Holy crap, her at the airport was so awesome.
Hato: Her face Was Amazing!
Tofu: All pouting and serious. It was too adorable~
Hato: It was rather kawaii.
Tofu: You know, before I finally realized that the song they were making for Azusa was Tenshi ni Fureta Yo!, I actually thought they’d do something special for Azu-nyan DURING the London trip and end the movie on the last day of the London trip. In other words, I didn’t expect the group to come back but it kinda worked out in the end right?
Hato: I wanted them to play it in London! That would’ve been totally cool but I actually reckon it was great that they came back.
Tofu: In front of a new crowd, the group plays a new song. It’d be really exhilarating to watch.
Hato: It would be so awesome.

Tofu: So Hato, we’ve discussed quite a lot up till now haven’t we? What are your overall thoughts on the movie?
Hato: I thought the movie was great. It was pure K-ON. While do I wish a few things happened over others, it was still incredibly enjoyable. I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as you did (You crazy K-ON fan), but it was great. My GF enjoyed it as well.
Tofu: Well at least both of you enjoyed it to some extent so that’s good! As for me, I’d love to start like a traditional music class, end-of-year tribute by doing something as outrageous as performing within a class or something without permission. Well in other words, K-On has influenced me and given me so many desires to try out new things. In fact, it was K-On that gave me the influence to start playing the left handed bass guitar and now after watching the movie, I want to do all the stuff the crew did on their trip and within the school.
Hato: The school performance was great! I wish I could’ve done something like that.
Tofu: I’ve still got this last year left; maybe I can put in something special. But it’s quite sad to know that this is practically the end. Unless the new chapters for the K-On 4-koma is animated, this is the final stop for K-On. But I don’t feel necessarily so sad that I would cry. More so, I’m glad and happy that K-On existed because it really was a big catalyst for me as a person. Maybe it didn’t have such a big impact on you Hato but I’m glad I feel this sense of fulfilment. But of course if possible I’d love to have more K-On and I’ll be sure to miss K-On a lot.
Hato: Yeah, not so much a massive impact on me, but from a musician stand point, a lot of the feelings they describe in the show I can relate to a lot. It’d be great if they did animate the University stuff though.
Tofu: I’m actually currently reading that and loving it. There are even a few new characters so you should check it out Hato if you haven’t already. But I guess this is it huh? It was definitely a lot of fun being able to get together with you and discuss on the one thing we both love so much: K-On!

Hato: I’m getting all choked up, Tofu. I don’t want to leave this review.
Tofu: Neither do I man, but everything must come to an end one way or another. It’ll be sad but as long as we have these videos (and hopefully in the future we’ll purchase the actual Blu-Rays) we will be able to watch K-On over and over as many times as we want. Traveling back into those nostalgic moments in the near future. Next time around, we should get together, sit through a re-watch of K-On and re-live those moments, what do you say mate?
Hato: Agreed, Aniki. Agreed.
Tofu: Well guys, I hope you enjoyed our fluffy, fluffy K-On discussion between two rabid fan-boys. It was nothing less than awesome being able to talk about K-On with you Hato! It actually felt quite short even though we said so much. Any last words?
Hato: I’m glad K-ON has been consistently awesome, and I’m glad we finally got to do a review for K-ON together, Tofu. We’d been talking about it since the movie was announced!
Tofu: I know right!? Haters can hate all they want, K-On is awesome in our eyes and that’s all that matters brother! So without further ado, take us out Hato!

Goodbye… my beloved K-On… T_T