It’s way past the deadline now, but as an aniblogger, I have an honorable obligation to respond to arrest warrants pleasant requests by my fellow anibloggers. Thus, here are the answers to the Aniblogger Interrogation Game questions posed by Kyokai and Overcooled of Metanorn. If you’re interested In Part 1 and the rules of the game, it’s hanging right here. Well, enjoy!



1) Being an aniblogger/anime watcher, what in your life has changed, something that might have not been there if you didn’t pick up this hobby?

For one, I have more work. XD Seriously though, besides amplifying my love of anime, aniblogging has also opened my eyes to different worldviews and opinions. Seeing the passion and discussion in aniblogging community has also shown me that hobbies don’t always have to be solo affairs.

2) How were you in your highschool days? What’s the difference in your personality now? *

I was deathly quiet up till late (Malaysian) secondary school, but I loosened up in my last years there. I still tend to not speak unless I have to, but at least I can joke around and be a bit rowdy nowadays.

3) The worst anime(s) ever.

I’ve not seen an anime which made me wash my eyeballs yet, but Oreimo ranks pretty low on my best anime list (which pretty much includes every anime I’ve watched). A poor and rudderless plot paired with forgettable eye-candy characters sealed its fate in my books. Still, I admit that the art and animation quality was pretty top notch.

4) A series that you thought would be shit but was brilliant.

Bakemonogatari comes to mind. When I saw that shot of Hanekawa’s er…bottom at the first scene of the show, I thought: “Oh man…….is this going to be another pointless ecchi fest?” After two seasons of quirky characters and dialogue though, I can say that there’s more to this series than just pantsu shots and sexually-charged scenes. The characters are flawed yet lovable and the supernatural elements don’t detract from, but enhance the human drama in the show.

5) Your hardest aniblogging assignment till now? (Change of questions for commentors: Your hardest anime watch ever?)*

As an aniblogger, I’d say my current assignment blogging Utakoi. It’s my first time writing about a series weekly, so it takes some getting used to. I’m getting better at managing my time and my pace though, so no worries. As for my hardest anime watch, I’m afraid I can’t answer that. I just haven’t watched a series that hard to watch yet.

As for the wildcard question, I’ll answer by saying that I play the classical guitar. I suck at it and haven’t touched it for months, but I’m thinking of strumming a few tunes from the OST’s this season.



1) Is there a certain time of day (morning, evening, during lunch breaks at work) that you prefer to blog at?

I try to blog when I have breaks in school, but I find that I write better when classes end, it’s more relaxing. Blogging at night is a big no-no, my mind’s all fuzzy then.

2) Name an anime you watched to the very end (but wish you didn’t). Explain your grief.

So far, most of the anime I’ve watched were entertaining in one way or the other. But “Lupin the 3rd: The Woman Named Fujiko Mine” was amazing at the beginning, but weak at the end. Besides a truly disappointing ending that came out of nowhere, the show added insult to injury by saying: “What you’ve ‘learned’ about Mine Fujiko for the past 13 episodes was all a lie”. I wished they had stuck to the earlier winning combination of a trippy cult and a rocket-powered Buddha statue.

3) What’s the most expensive piece of anime merchandise you’ve ever bought?

So far, it’s an Azusa Nakano Nendoroid figure worth RM 400 (130 USD). I know it goes against common financial sense, but I couldn’t help it! I was at my first convention when I saw that figure and I bought it out of impulse. Sadly, it’s now in bad shape, but I’m trying to clean it back to its former glory.

4) How do your parents feel about your anime obsession? Do they even know about it?

They do. Both of them are pretty chill about it too. Still, my mother pokes me occasionally by asking: “Why’re there so many girls in the shows you watch?” or “Why are you watching a girly show?”. To the latter question, I always counterattack by questioning her love of grisly detective shows such as CSI or Dexter. XD

5) Which of the 7 sins are you most guilty of?

I’d say Wrath, because I tend to hurt my loved ones emotionally during fits of rage. A lack of justice or fairness both in the outside world and in my own actions also leads to this sin sometimes.

Well, that’s all folks. It’s been fun writing and tagging, but I’m getting pretty tired of thinking up questions and answers. Thanks Iso, for all the fun!