What the, I don’t even- I can’t take this show seriously anymore. What was supposed to be moving in certain scenes didn’t move me at all, what was supposed to be serious made me laugh and Nomi’s new ‘moe moe’ personality just made me facepalmed. It really did feel quite anti-climatic even though it shouldn’t have been at all.

There was a lack of purity that got saturated by cliche. Kuroyukihime and Sky Raker’s embrace takes the cake as the most cliche thing Accel World has done. I didn’t want to feel that way, I thought I’d really love their scene because I kept harping about it over and over in the past! *sigh*


Though I have to admit, I did figure that Chiyu’s ability can turn back time but I didn’t think it could turn back THAT MUCH TIME. I definitely underestimated Chiyu’s ability and with that, I actually did like how it all concluded. A very nice twist to all the hatred I harbored against Chiyu (I’m sorry Chiyu!). Unfortunately that ‘method’ of getting Haruyuki’s wings back and the fighting were the only saving face for Episodes 22 to 24.

Sure the connection made to the NerveGear; clearly telling us how Accel World is practically the sequel to Sword Art Online was something interesting but everything else was plain boring to watch. Nomi’s yapping ruined the atmosphere so many times, I just wanted to skip. Well… at least now Nomi’s arc is finally done with right?

Wait… I didn’t know I was watching School Days: Revitalized O_O

Rating: I’ve decided to give an overall rating of 7 out of 10. Episode 22 was a torture to go though. Seeing Chiyu’s extremely deflowered expression with Haruyuki walking out on a half naked girl screamed School Days all over! And all that yapping from Nomi… ugh. But with episode 23 and 24 especially, at least the series ended on a slightly higher note (the end result was still pretty bad) with all the cool fighting and Kuroyukihime coming back. I was wrong to watch this show for anything else, gimme an OVA about Kuruyukihime and Sky Raker already! I need to get the image of Nomi all cute and fluffy out of my mind!

With that, this concludes my – quite depressing – coverage of Accel World. I really am sorry for putting you all through this, I’ll think twice before I pick up season 2… if there’s going to be that is.

Look Haru~ Look how long my sword can get!! All because of you~! <3