Alas, we have another lackluster episode. I don’t think Mahiro is an interesting guy. He’s a rich kid with temper tantrums and now he wants to get revenge for his sister’s death. Okay, cool, Zetsuen no Tempest. But you fail to make me care about him.

Yoshino, on the other hand, I’m actually sort of interested in. This episode made it blatantly clear that the guy knows how to get back at people. It’s also revealed that he and Mahiro were never strictly friends. They’re just two boys who always get stuck together…frenemies I suppose. So if Yoshino never liked Mahiro from the start, why’s he helping him out? Is it just force of habit? Or is he doing it so Mahiro will owe him in the future?

Hakaze is so boring. Let’s be honest here, her only real purpose thus far has been to provide and extract and exposition from Mahiro and Yoshino.

As for the actual content of this episode…well, Yoshino is unbelievably dedicated and intelligent. Hilariously so, even. I found the scene where he announced that Mahiro got hit because he tried to save a puppy really amusing.

Even though I’m not really a fan of this week’s episode, I preferred it over last week’s. Plus, we’re going back to all the magic and action next time. Maybe we’ll see Evangeline again…?