Man, it’s been a month since the last Chuunibyou review so I’ll be honest-it’s been a handful with term finals coming up and my own anime share to cover. My holiday procrastination habit is also another reason why I’ve been sluggish with Chuunibyou recently. Well, excuses or not, there’s no time like the present!

[Ep 2] The Cast Grows


Rikka’s sister, a carefree sempai and an odd chimera join the main duo.

This episode was mainly about character intros, so it doesn’t offer much excitement unless you’re talking about that fantastical fight between Rikka and her ladle-wielding sibling Touka. From the increasingly ludicrous Shwartz reveal to the eventual victory of the “High Priestess”, that scene gave us a ton of quality animation from KyoAni.

Kumin, the cat-seeking sempai, was also introduced in this episode. She’s a carefree girl and she joins Yuuta and Rikka on their escape from Rikka’s sister. Her “go-with-the-flow” personality and “to the ends of the Earth” line definitely made her my favourite for this episode. On the other hand. I can’t say the same for Touka… She’s beautiful, but she hides a dark and manipulative side to her. Recording and keeping a blackmail tape for TWO years? That’s a scary grudge… She really must have a far-sighted mind to do that.

[Ep 3] Blonde Chuunibyous Do Have More Fun!


Besides the “Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer”, Dekomori busts into the life of hapless Yuuta. Oh, and his crush Shinka ends up joining the aforementioned club.

Hm…is it me or are “reviving/establishing a club” stories getting old? CLANNAD used this story for its entire first season to mixed results while Robotics;Notes seems to be following the same path. I just wish they would mix things up a little instead of just forcing Yuuta and co. to form a club (and a predictably ‘weird’ one at that). Still, it’s an adaption, so I can’t expect much in terms of creative leeway. Anyway, anyone thought that Rikka would make a great addition to the Drama Club? She’s definitely got that air of confidence to pull off roles. Combine that with some direction and motivation, and she can be quite the actress, I think.


On the other hand, new recruit Dekomori more than makes up for the mundane plot. The fiery, cute, and DESU-stressing addition to the cast is just as delusional as Rikka. She’s close to usurping Kumin as my favourite, but they’re tied for now. By the way, what do you think of Kumin being a nap-lover? I felt it was a bit too random, but hey-anything goes in a series where you have a chuunibyou harem club.

[Ep 4] Shinka Shenanigans


Shinka reveals her past while trying to rid the world of it.

I knew it! No one like Shinka just joins a club like Rikka’s without any reason. Apparently, she and Yuuta share the same views when it comes to their chuunibyou pasts-it should be something to forget about. She’s like the polar opposite of Rikka and Dekomori, who both embrace their delusions. Still, I don’t think shame should be a reason to burn someone’s treasured property. I think Shinka went too far with her actions, causing her sweet facade to give way to a jaded and creepy two-faced personality…

Dekomori really won my heart for this episode. Not only is she a riot when paired with Rikka, I think that she’s going to be even more hilarious with her nemesis/inspiration Shinka. She was really pushing the moe levels for this episode. And what of my previous favourite Kumin? Well, she……naps. Guess it’s Dekomori-2 and Kumin-1?

By the way, Yuuta’s VA Jun Fukuyama should get an award for his varied and spot-on acting in this episode. From quick Rikka put-downs to funny inner monologues, the episode really came to life because of him. Any thoughts on Yuuta’s or the cast’s VA’s?

Phew, that’s one heck of a roundup. I hope to speed things up a by next week’s episode. Until then, keep your chuunibyou delusions alive!

Think About-!


Why do you think Rikka still keeps those delusions? Unlike the young Dekomori who is prime chuunibyou territory or the cynical Yuuta/Shinka duo, why does she persist in her fantasies?

Your favourite character or-dare I say it-ship?

Shinka? Cute, female version of Yuuta? Or a two-faced girl from hell bent on destroying evidence of her Chuunibyou days?