Hey everyone, it’s Umizi with this week’s Fanart Fanatic! I’m just helping out with Yippy while he’s busy, which means that K will be a little bit late this week, but nevertheless I’m super excited to introduce one of my favorite artists, LIN+. This art style may seem familiar to you, but that’s likely only because I’ve used LIN+’s art around Sekijitsu already. But really, this artist doesn’t get the hype that I think he deserves. (All images are clickable – click for full size!)

I just found out that LIN+ actually a male, and not a female as I expected, but nevertheless, his artwork is fabulous. It takes on a sort of painted quality, not with sharp edges and bright colors, but with a beautiful sort of softness that look incredible. The colors schemes he uses toned-down and monochrome shades really appeal to me, and the way he makes his background so fantastical and (for lack of a better word) glassy is why he stands out from the rest. The outfits that he gives his characters are really beautiful as well – what I would give to be able to own one of those dresses!

The most interesting thing about LIN+’s artwork is that he doesn’t use outlines – if you zoom in to any of his pieces, you’ll find that there aren’t guild lines or any sort of “fill-in” for him to color. It’s all painted on, layer by layer – that takes talent. It contributes to the softness of his pieces, but at the same time, gives it an ethereal and otherworldly effect. It makes his use of color and shading all the more impressive. According to his website, LIN+ uses watercolor to create his artwork sometimes; imagine drawing such detailed designs on a computer, not to mention a tradition brush!

As for LIN+’s art subjects, a good majority of his art centers around a project on Pixiv called Pixiv Fantasia. The basic gist is that the artist creates characters and monsters that are a part of five different “worlds,” and the more views their artwork gets, the more points the “world” gets. I discovered LIN+ and a lot of other amazing artists through Pixiv Fantasia, so if you have a chance, go check it out. Other subjects LIN+ likes to draw are pretty mainstream series such as Vocaloid, K-On!, and Madoka Magica. He also seems to enjoy drawing some pretty Guilty Crown-esque art as well as characters from his own series.

 I could go on and on about how beautiful LIN+’s artwork is, but really, I’m sure the art speaks for itself. I’ve included a gallery for more eye-candy enjoyment:

For Your Information:

LIN+’s: Pixiv Homepage  Twitter