Hey everyone! I feel really bad for being so late, especially when Hurricane Sandy technically means that I’ve been cooped up in front of my computer the whole day, but I guess procrastination got the best of me. As a note, I may go on a month hiatus because of NaNoWriMo, which means I’ll be writing 24/7 and will probably not have time to watch anime. But don’t worry, I’ll  be able to cover them all in December! But back to K – a plot finally appeared! I knew we couldn’t have had Isana, Neko, and Kuroh derping around for another episode longer! We say goodbye to a time of silliness and naked nekomimis with ridiculous costumes and Isana trying to prove his innocence once again.

Did anybody notice how hilariously cliche the student council president and her sidekick were? The SCP’s your typical snarky, spoiled megane while her assistant’s the ambiguously lesbian fangirl that’s probably from a rich family. That amused me for a while, but like the SCP said – what the hell’s going on with those costumes? I understand that they’re part of a student festival show or something, but really, I think that GoHands decided to ramp up the fanservice by placing the characters in out of context costumes. Our trio should at least be able to show us a little bit of the festival if they’re going to be dressed like this!

I can taste the love in my waifu’s cooking!

It might just be me overly obsessing HOMRA and not paying much attention to this part of the plot, but I find Isana (you know what, screw it – it’s easier to call him Shiro) and Kuroh’s relationship extremely volatile. At one point, they’re a happy yaoi-yaoi couple, complete with bishounen sparkles, and at other times, Kuroh’s bringing up the scary and Shiro’s trying to run away. But whatever the case is, the episode ended on a pretty bad note for their relationship. I mean, Shiro spends the whole episode trying to prove his innocence and then at the end, it’s clear that something is up. I wish it didn’t just throw a plot in our faces so quickly, but you know, anything better than another game of cat and mouse (haha, get it?) from these two.

I’m really not sure what to say about the part with Shiro protecting Neko – clearly, it’s important enough to deserve some talking about in this episode, but if you think about it, it’s kind of overly cheesy. I found Kuroh’s flashback to he and his master to be the more touching part of the scene (which may be the whole point, but I dislike Kuroh so it’s kind of a miracle that I’d be saying something like this.) But hey, at least it’s another bit of Neko x Shiro to counter the black/white pairing that everybody expects to get together!


While I understood why GoHands would want to focus the entire episode on Shiro/Neko/Kuroh, I was disappointed by the lack of HOMRA – Misaki mostly, haha. But I’m very glad that the next episode is about Fushimi and why he’s left HOMRA for SCEPTER4. Fushimi x Misaki? I ship it.

Rating: 7/10: I was kind of disappointed from this episode, mostly because of the wonky character relationships and too much spontaneity (plus a lack of HOMRA.) I guess the last part where the plot gets kicking and the episode preview managed to lift my spirits a little bit. To all East Coast-ers; stay safe and dry during the aftermath! Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to have power, but if not, hold through it! More than 8 million people (including me) are fighting right along with you!

More creeper-Kuroh for your enjoyment.