Happy belated Halloween. Sorry for the delay. Hurricane Sandy and all that.

Good Tier

(new) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures – (episodes 1-4) – I went home last weekend and decided to pick this and K up. And holy shit, this is spectacularly manly and awesome. With all the incest and moe around these days, having such a GAR show is such a welcome change of pace. If you aren’t watching this, I highly recommend you do so.

(=) Space Brothers (episodes 27-30) – I’m growing less fond of the opening animations and songs. I hope this downward trend doesn’t continue. Although, the ending sequence managed to make me smile and it’s the first ending theme that hasn’t bored me. Anyway, I’ve really started to see how well Space Bros uses its flashbacks. Unlike other series *coughNarutocough*, they aren’t repetitive and always show us another aspect to Mutta and Hibito, while also still relevant to the events currently happening. It’s kind of ingenious.

 (new) From the New World (episodes 1-5) – From the New World has been improving with each episode. And the fifth one finally converted me to being a fan. I thought the directing was excellent and that the almost-sex scene was handled really well. I’m still not too fond of the characters yet, but I can now say that I’m looking forward to the next episode.

(new) Chuunibyou (episodes 1-5) – I hate to admit it, but I am finding this genuinely entertaining. Granted, it’s also a bit annoying. But the comedic timing is great. As long as this show continues to fully embrace the comedy, then I will continue to like this.


Okay Tier

(new) Zetsuen no Tempest (episodes 1-4) – This would’ve been in the Good Tier if it wasn’t for the most recent episode. The episodes have been rather inconsistent and I hope they don’t pull the flashback card (that honestly did not add much character depth) out again soon. It’d be better if we just get well animated magic fights and plot and Evangeline.

(new) the Monster Seated Next to You (episodes 1-4) – It’s nothing great or unique, but I think this anime is still cute and pretty enjoyable. Haru has more personality than most male shoujo leads. Shizuku is still pretty bland, but likable at the very least. I hope that it will stop relying on so many tropes in the future.

 (new) Magi (episodes 1-4) – There are a few things that are preventing me from liking Magi as much as I would like to: The terribly exaggerated characterization of Jamil. My god, that was annoying. Second, I think that the second and third episodes could’ve been condensed into one.  Third, I’m just not a fan of Aladdin or Morgiana. However, I still think it’s pretty fun and has some good ideas.

(new) Psycho Pass (episodes 1-3) – The characters. Good lord, they are dull as fuck. This isn’t surprising since Urobuchi’s characters is what people always complain about. Psycho-Pass’ setting is still great and thought provoking, but the weak cast is just bringing it down. Akane is such a bland lead and is totally moe. Seriously, if you don’t want to have a moe protagonist, make her fucking sexy like the Major. Then you can wave your anti-moe banner proudly all you want.

 (-) Smile PreCure! (episodes 33-37) – Monster of the week, ten transformation sequences, defeat the Bad End Kingdom, get Decors, blah blah blah.

 (new) K – (episodes 1-4) – Judging from what everyone in the blogosphere, I wasn’t expecting to like K much. And I don’t. It has an interesting premise that could be really great, but the emphasis on Neko’s nipple-less bosoms and the slash are hindering it from being the epic story it could be. Just how far has the story even progressed in four episodes?


Shit Tier

(new) Little Busters! (episodes 1-4) – I’ll admit that some of the jokes are actually funny. But they are quickly cancelled out by how annoying the female end of the cast is. So far, it’s definitely not my least favorite Key series so far…that honor still belongs to Kanon.

 (new) Robotics;Notes (episodes 1-3) – I know the third episode converted a lot of people, but it had the opposite affect for me. I do not like this show. I find it boring and lazy and the characters are dreadful. Nothing that has happened so far has made me give the slightest fuck about anyone or anything. It still has nineteen episodes to make me feel anything but loathing, but my hopes are pretty much nonexistent already.


The Depths of Hell

Someone come up with a good fingering joke because I can’t.

(=) Sword Art Online (episodes 14-17) – So the new opening theme sucks. But on the upside, Kajiura’s tracks got considerably better. But then again, we’ve now got the incest thing goin’ on, which, of course, just makes things even more interesting. And by things, I mean Kirito’s harem. The fact that everyone is a fairy is not helping me take this anymore seriously, but it is making this damn thing even easier to laugh at.