I think I was looking forward to this episode too much. Whatever really happened in this episode must have been fogged up by my fangirl vision and I could only see hatred as belligerent sexual tension, not to mention that I began to ship every single character I saw with every single character they spoke to. Maybe I should stop watching K at one o’ clock in the morning. Whatever the case is, here is this (a rather short) review of this week’s episode; I’ve got to hurry up and continue on writing my novel for NaNoWriMo!

Shiro, Kuroh, and Neko managed to conveniently stay out of the way for the entire episode, not that it really had any effect on it. I guess GoHands decided to take the spotlight off of them for an episode, since they technically had an episode completely centered around them last week. They managed to escape the whole ordeal that SCEPTER4 and HOMRA has later in the episode, and much to the well-being of Shiro, stays out of the radar. The guy has just way too much luck. Clearly, however, the evidence of the image that Kukuri has on her phone and the bloody shirt in Shiro’s closet contradict each other, but perhaps we’ll have to wait until the next episode to figure out what’s going on. Also, that scene with Kuroh and Kukuri was adorable – I hate to admit it, but I think I like them more as a couple than Shiro and Kuroh!

Oh gosh, Misaki was just so adorable in the whole episode. I found it hilarious that he was too scared to talk to girls, and ended up just scaring all the boys away – it kind of just shows that he’s still immature inside? The other HOMRA dude – whose name I do not and will never know – was surprisingly refreshing compared to Misaki’s hotheadedness. Though in the end, the HOMRA dude didn’t serve much of a purpose, he served as comic relief and really just became the punching bag of Misaki. I give kudos to him.

This show just can’t get enough of its creepers, can it?

I think that by now, I should warn you that I ship Saruhiko x Misaki to no end. I’ll try my best to be unbiased (or hilariously, sarcastically biased) but to all you fangirls out there, take comfort in the fact that I agree wholeheartedly with you at this point.

I think I misjudged Saruhiko’s character, expecting him to be a slick and cool-headed glasses-guy. Instead, he’s just about as creepy as – well, remember how I compared K to Durarara!! in the first two episode reviews or so? This fight was a perfect parallel to Durarara!!’s favorite pair of enemies, Shizuo and Izaya. Think about it – Saruhiko as the creepy and sadistic Izaya, Misaki as the volatile and reckless Shizuo, the fact that their fights don’t really get anywhere and the fact that it just spontaneously happens in the most strange of places. But really, Saruhiko was strangely and attractively creepy – though the way that he would taunt Misaki by drawling out his name in that voice was honestly frightening.

Come to think of it, Misaki’s a rather feminine name, isn’t it? The way his name is written, it means “beautiful blossom.” Ftt, no wonder he doesn’t like it!

After weeks of Neko fanservice, K finally gives some to the ladies.

Though it seems Saruhiko has really become a formidable enemy – having both HOMRA and SCEPTER4’s powers/flames/colors, he’s much stronger than both gangs. That stunt with the knives really was a gutsy move – what was even more impressive was how quickly he tucked it into his sleeve when Awashima decided to show up!

Come to think of it, there’s a clever wordplay on Misaki’s nickname for him, “Monkey.” It translates to “Saru,” in Japanese, hence Fushimi Saruhiko.

But of course, the most curious part of the episode has to be when Saruhiko cannot find any information on Shiro in the school’s database, neither does Kukuri recognize Shiro in the video that Misaki shows her. Though it may be possible (because of a lack of a PDA) that Shiro’s not in the system, the fact that Kukuri can’t recognize him is a sure sign that something must be up. Perhaps this is all Neko’s doing – she may be involved with the whole murder scheme after all!

Rating: 8/10: I was satisfied by the SaruMisa fanservice. And Misaki in general. Good enough for me.