Yuzan shows his hand while Shizuku learns of Haru’s past. Also, Megane is the latest challenger for Haru’s heart!

Haru’s Past


We’ve been getting glimpses of Haru’s life up till now, but Yuzan finally gives his side of the story. Apparently, Haru’s uncontrollable attitude got him kicked out of the house. With his father and brother giving up on him at a young and formative age, you can really understand why he evades Yuzan and acts hostile in his presence. Still, I wonder what made a relatively normal kid go berserk all of a sudden. Sasahara commented earlier that Haru was quite the normal kid for a time. Perhaps an incident with his strict father or brother caused this sudden change. Or the loss of a mother-an important figure in any family-caused this.

Episode 5 also shows us just how much Haru reflexively avoids his past. For Haru, Yuzan literally represents the broken relationship with his family. This causes him to lash out at his brother and keep Shizuku in the dark, straining relations with a curious Shizuku. For me, I think Haru should’ve shared some of his past with Shizuku, even though it may be painful. If he had done that, then maybe Shizuku wouldn’t have had to face up to a sneaky Yuzan.

Speaking of Yuzan, he may be on the same page with Shizuku on Haru, but I smell something fishy. I’m very curious about why he wants his brother to stay away. “So that he doesn’t kill me” sounds like a poor excuse when you say it with a such a carefree face. I’ve a gut feeling it has something to do with inheritance or material gain. I also find it hard to trust him since he used Shizuku’s fear of losing Haru to further his interests. He may have the same goals as Shizuku, but I despise people who use dirty means to an end.

Ms. Megane Enters the Picture


She’s just an acquaintance for now, but I’ve a feeling that sparks will fly between Megane and Shizuku. Shizuku sees Haru as her first dear friend while Megane looks at him as a savior. Who’s going to win? I’d hedge my bets on Shizuku if I were you. First Girls always win, especially in anime and manga. XD Still, I’d like to see how Megane will try to win him over. She’s definitely earnest from what I can tell and her bishojo moment really ups her attractiveness.

Puns and Parodies


Breaking away from a normal episode format, we get to watch a regretfully short but hilarious Edo-era parody of the Tonari cast. From yakuza turf wars to ninjas (pink ninja Natsume = HNNNNG), it was a humorous change of pace from the rather serious plot this week.

For those who didn’t get the poorly-explained pun from Yuzan, here’s a brief low-down.

お菓しいね(okashii ne?)=Isn’t it a sweet?

可笑しい (okashii)= funny; eccentric, peculiar.

お菓し (okashi) = sweets

Basically, he’s saying that eating sweets (okashi) is a peculiar/fruity (okashii) idea. Yeah, I’ll leave the judgment to you guys… =_=”

Anyway, this episode hasn’t been really fun with a heavy plot and few jokes. It does seem to set things in motion for more conflict later though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Think About-!


What did you think about the parody? And the pun? Were there and TR notes when you watched?

What made Haru into such an unstable kid in middle school?

What do you think about Yuzan’s motivations and methods?