This was certainly an improvement.

Before I get into my inevitable complaints, let’s address the flashback with Aika and Yoshino. Thus, the oh so subtle Shakespearian part of the anime returns.

“There probably isn’t any meaningless misfortune.”

Yoshino’s subsequent thought is that Aika died so Mahiro could save the world. But did Aika’s death set all of these events into motion as well? Not much has been revealed about Aika’s character, but there’s definitely something more to her. I’m guessing that she was some sort of magic user as well.

“Someday, even this will have a very beautiful outcome.”

Beautiful visually? Like the image of Aika in the chair with her blood all swirly on the floor?

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

The audience doesn’t know Yoshino’s philosophy. We know he’s always been with Mahiro, though not by choice. We know that both boys don’t completely trust each other. We know he was dating Aika unbeknownst to Mahiro. So unless ‘philosophy’ is referring to, perhaps, Yoshino’s future, I’m at a loss here.

As you should all know, I am a stage performer. In high school rehearsals, my drama director always told us to walk and talk while we were all learning our lines and blocking.  (Because in the beginning, we’d do one thing at a time.) This is exactly what Mahiro and Yoshino do: walk around as they receive redundant information from Hakaze. Walk and talk. I think Hakaze is secretly Polonius.

But at least we received some more exposition for her. She’s still a Sue, though. I’d post a theory on how she’s dead but also not, but I’ve read the manga so no spoilers from me. If you readers have any ideas, share in the comments!


  • That water that Hakaze was bathing/swimming in was awfully clear for stagnant water.
  • Zetsuen no Tempest has a really dumb sense of humor. “Boobs that don’t shake aren’t boobs at all.” Keep it classy, Bones.

Alas, poor Hakaze.

I knew her, Natsumura.

A lady of infinite power, of most excellent physique.

She hath humiliated me a thousand times.