The FEMNSoS bond, Rikka faces her worst fear and a romance begins to sprout.

Quality Time

Am I evil for thinking that bottle is not filled with innocent cow milk? ;__ ;

From the club to the shrine to the swimming pool, the gang of five really got together in the first part of this episode. Although I felt that it had a scatter-brained approach, the humor is still as quick and effective as in earlier episodes (the larger cast helps shed some burden off Rikka as well). The way the story segues into the Math problem and then Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship was also barely noticeable-a nice technique from Kyoani.

Anyway, on the swimming pool saga, do you think that was the beach episode already? With them already in swimsuits, it does count as one, right? I’d rather they visit an actual beach though…

Banishumento This…Textbook!

I can reaaaaaly relate to Rikka when it comes to Maths. Not only do those cold, hard numbers stare at you as you solve them, they refuse to give up any clues when you fail. Practice does make perfect, but I sometimes wonder if that applies for me In Maths. XD

Well, Maths is just a cover for the juicy part of this episode though-which is LOVE~

Yuuta really works hard to help save Rikka’s scores, keep her club intact and give an excruciating chuunibyou show when presenting her new e-mail. Man, that guy really likes her, huh? Rikka’s façade even cracks during this period, showing that even chuunibyous know when to get serious…

I think the word “D’awww” describes the last e-mail scene perfectly; it was just the right mix of moe and (budding) romance. They’re not over the fence into gf/bf territory yet, but I do wish them the best of luck. I still want some bumps and sparks, but perhaps that’s asking too much of a rom-com? XD

Behind that rosy sheen though, Rikka’s family definitely has some problems. With Touka and Dekomori the only ones who “acknowledge her existence”, one wonders what happened with her parents. In fact, why did she suddenly move in? Was it a messy divorce or an unfortunate passing in the family? Hopefully, later episodes will explore this facet further.

Overall, this episode showed the FEMNSoS club’s lively interactions while teasing some lovey-dovey stuff between Rikka and Yuuta. A nice, if not a little mundane distraction from the typical chuunibyou antics.

Think About-!


Any bets on how the story will develop from now on? Will it be CLANNAD-style with Yuuta sticking with Rikka (while being the hero for all) or will it be on a harem/ambiguous track?

Favourite ship pair?