Nazuna learns to cook for her parents and Nori shares a passionate friendly night together with Sae.

Sorry for being late with this episode. It seems that this one was aired along with Ep 4, passing under my radar until the middle of last week. Wonder why the schedule was so weird?

Anyway, let’s move on to this week’s episode, shall we? Or should I say last week’s episode? XD

Nazuna the Cook

It seems like squeaky Nazuna is quite the tale-spinner, huh? I wonder why she had to lie to her parents about being a good cook? It’s not as if she’s the next-in-line in a family of great chefs or something. Plus, her parents seem like nice people, I doubt they would disown her if she owned up to fibbing.

Thankfully, the gang comes to the rescue, especially Hiro with her cooking skills. The result is a slightly flawed but enjoyable meal and a doggie-bagful of fried chicken. It’s a rather predictable series of events, but still entertaining nonetheless. Nazuna is cute, but she isn’t really in my books, especially not after this episode. I’ll give her credit for being willing to ask and learn though.

On a side note, has anyone noticed how a significant number of anime girls know how to whip up a whole menu of dishes? It could just be my limited experience speaking here, but what do you think?

Nighttime Nori

The lighting of the doors was a really creative touch for this episode. That’s SHAFT for you, I guess. Besides that, the still shots are also reminding me why Hidamari is such a pleasure to capture screenshots from. Their beauty and varied styles/angles are just a joy to watch.

After this part of the episode , Nori’s becoming another favourite for me behind Miyako. Besides having a somewhat realistic personality, she’s also a tech-geek. Sure, you could say she’s a bit bland, but that’s a rare sight in the mash of colourful anime personalities.

Sae seems like a nice person too. Checking up with Nori, chatting aimlessly with her and even letting her sleep the night, she really has a big heart. Oddly, I thought she was an ‘ice queen’ or something early on, but I guess I was mistaken…

Nori’s funny nightmare was kinda anticlimactic, but I can definitely relate. I can only pray that poor Tonari no Kaibutsu post is in a better place after MS Word swallowed it…

Anyway, tech or tradition for dictionaries? Both Sae and Nori have valid points, but I’d rather have both handy. Having a digital one is great and all, but sometimes tech can just betray you at the last moment (see above). Still, dictionaries are a pain to lug around all day-the poor condition of my elementary school dictionaries can attest to that. XD

Overall, this episode moved the focus away from the main cast a bit, keeping things fresh. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more focus on the rest of the cast for Episode 6. Till then, fellow Hidamari traveler.