Even the guys in this show are moe!

The focus shifts to Yuuta’s classmate Isshiki, but the jokes just keep getting better!


KyoAni’s really got a talent for planning out these hilarious yet coherent scenarios. Starting from a mysterious love letter to Isshiki, we’re then reminded of the ‘cutie poll’ the boys held a few episodes back and its current consequences (read: the girls are not at all pleased). Moving on from that, we get the badass sacrifice from the main man himself-Isshiki, who shears his hair off in a show of penance. The way the story flowed naturally was just amazing to watch because even gag shows rarely do it as smoothly as this. They never did show who was Isshiki’s secret admirer though. Any leads?

Aside from the skillful planning, the jokes themselves come hard and fast. We get small giggles from Yuuta and Isshiki’s banter over the letter and a laughathon leading up to the manly haircut. Overall, Isshiki’s problems were a nice subplot and distraction from the chuunibyou-fueled humor of earlier episodes.

What About the Rest?

Although quiet compared to earlier episodes, the rest of the cast were still at their comedic finest. Most of their gags were in essence one-note gags, but I felt they managed to give them a fresh twist. For example, the scene with Dekomori and Shinka in the club room had Deko calling Shinka a “Devil Incarnate” before reminding herself that she’s actually a dark creature. The short interruption and labored rebound was just priceless.

However, that was the second best scene. The first is definitely the last moments of Isshiki’s hair. With spot-on seiyuus, teary music and soft colours to boot, everything just clicked. I’d definitely vote this scene as the best of all of KyoAni’s work this year (if not of all anime this year). Which was your favourite scene for the episode?

On an interesting side note, Shinka’s two-faced and schizophrenic personality is apparently the most changed of all the light novel characters introduced so far. I’m not clear on the details, but I heard that she’s actually more balanced in the light novel.

Rikka’s Awfully Quiet…

No,  for the Takanashis, this is par for the course.

Out of all the hilarity though, Touka and Rikka are definitely acting strange. Receiving a message at the beginning of the episode, she mutters “Here we go again”. Later on, Rikka asks to hold Yuuta’s hand at the railway crossing, ominously mentioning: “The wind cometh…”. Obviously, there’s something very serious going on behind the scenes with them both. Could it have something to do with their absent parents? Could Rikka’s chuunibyou fantasies be her way of dealing with that? Why is Touka unusually quiet when asking for Yuuta’s help?

Anyway, the next episode will hopefully shed some light on just what happened to the Takanashi family. Any theories on what the sisters are hiding besides their badass powers?

I admit, I had doubts along with others on whether KyoAni could keep the series alive after the introductions, but they’ve proven those doubts wrong. Hopefully, the next (BEACH!) episode will equal or surpass this delightful chapter in Chuunibyou.