While I’m still apathetic towards the characters and don’t really care for all the feelings, this was the best flashback episode so far.

Aika and Mahiro are not blood related siblings. Wonderful, just what this anime needed. I wonder what the circumstances are…step-siblings? Adoption? Oh well. Who knows if it’ll even be revealed. Yoshino’s narration of Mahiro’s feelings simply continued to emphasize that Yoshino is kind of creepily perceptive.

I know it’s most likely, or at least seems to be part of their culture, but Japanese teenagers sure take a fucking long time just to kiss. Anyway, Aika clearly wears the pants in the relationship. Yoshino is always being told what to do by both siblings and obeys them without questions. In retrospect, Aika and Mahiro are essentially the same character, just different genders. And one is significantly louder than the other.

The Okada symbolism-overkill seemed to be very prevalent within some of the imagery. The above scene with the Dr. Seuss-esque clock seems really unnecessary and dumb. Then there was also the brief shot of Yoshino in the spider web. The former was especially funny.


  • The darts scene was kind of funny.
  • How is it that Yoshino’s phone still has battery left?