The FEMNSoS spend the summer break at Rikka’s hometown; Hilarity ensues, but drama rears its open head for the first time. I expected the episode to revolve around the gang’s time at the obligatory beach, but surprisingly, that segment only took about 10 minutes. That’s okay though, since it frees up much more time for Rikka’s background reveal. The unique locales for this ‘beach’ episode were a fresh breath of air anyway. Altogether, I wasn’t that surprised at the Takanashi “secret”, but I did get some earlier guesses wrong. At first, I thought both of the parents were gone due to some accident or a rift between them. Sadly, the truth is even more depressing: her dad’s dead and her mom left her. Her father’s illness(?) was unavoidable, but I just can’t forgive a mother who leaves her young like that. She may have had her reasons, but Rikka already saw her own father disappear forever already. To leave right after that punch to the gut is just unbelievable. On the other side of the spectrum though, Rikka’s father must have loved her a lot for her to idolize him so much. I wonder if he was the one who encouraged her imagination through chuunibyou? Or was it the other way round-did she come up with these fantastical scenarios to cope with the loss of him? I also wonder why Touka tried to stop Rikka from going back to their old house… Argh, so many questions! Anyway, the rest of the gang manages to bring some humor to balance out the heavy stuff for this episode. Isshiki’s feelings(?) for Kumin is one-sided for now, but I’m very interested in how it turns out. He was a bit of a creep at the train though, so I’m not so sure if he’s that good of a guy yet. Speaking of couples, Yuuta also manages to keep his chances with Rikka alive. Noticing her odd behavior, keeping her spirits up and helping her with her quest to the Etheral Horizon, he’s really a textbook White Knight. I feel sorta jealous of him and his swag bravery. But if I were him though, I would’ve avoided dealing with Rikka’s family issues. Maybe it’s an Eastern mindset, but around here family business usually means family business. It’s personal and is to be dealt with within the family. Of course, I agree that some cases should have outside intervention, but that action is mostly looked down upon here. Would you have done the same thing as Yuuta? As for the DekoSummer duo, they kept up the usual supply of hilarity with their ongoing vendetta. Although, Shinka does seems a bit friendlier this time; she helps Dekomori with her nausea and sunburn even though they still actively despise each other. Perhaps Shinka sees her younger, misguided self in Dekomori? Whatever the case, I look forward to their antics as the story plods along. Who knows, maybe Shinka will graduate with a lifelong friend in Dekomori? Well, that was yet another smashing success of an episode by KyoAni! Revealing important plot points while entertaining us with well-timed jokes and fanservice, this episode struck a delicate, if not sometimes jarring balance. I’m definitely looking forward to next week. =)

Think About-!

Touka? Blush? HNNNNGGG!!

Do you think that Yuuta went into a chuunibyou phase because of his absent father? If so, does he share a connection/understanding with Rikka? Odds on a Isshiki x Kumin couple? Do you think Yuuta should’ve bolted off with Rikka just like that? Sure it’s romantic, but it seems kind of silly and unrealistic, don’t you think? Touka vs EMO LVL UP Rikka. Bets?