Sincerely, Yippy. (T_T)

Shizuku finally bridges the rift between Haru and herself, but not before mending another one with Natsume.

Mending the Rift

Well, it seems like this huge misunderstanding between Haru and Shizuku has been solved. Shizuku comes out and explains herself clearly to Haru, leaving her policy of detachment. It took a while, but I’m glad to see Shizuku progress on this front.

I’m still a bit disappointed over how they handled the humor though, it’s still very jarring. A prime example is when Shizuku gets mad after Haru accidentally hits her. Sure she gets mad, but the music, art and general atmosphere don’t fit with the serious situation. Something like the talk between Shizuku and Natsume would’ve been better. I’m skeptical that this will change though, since it’s been the norm for a while now.

A Friend in Need…

Yamaken’s not such a bad guy after all, don’t you think? Sure, he’s a bit of a tsundere, but he did give some decent advice to Shizuku. Based on his quick heartbeat, he might even have a little crush on her. *gasp* Don’t tell me this’ll be a love quadrangle!

I felt a bit sad watching Natsume though. Here’s a friend who wants to help, but she gets brushed off like nothing. I can only imagine the sadness and anger she must have felt. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing more conflict between Shizuku and her other friends. Cruel as that may be, at least they’ll give me a break from Shizuku x Haru all the time. =)

Oshima? Oh, she played an unlucky ‘hostage’ for some stange reason. I still don’t understand why they had to shoehorn that scene in… Way to bring Haru back to square one guys.

Anyway, I think I can relate to Shizuku a bit on her friend troubles. Making friends initially and hanging out is easy, but do you just leave it at that and put a feet of distance between them and yourself? Friendship is an never-ending state of affairs, it seems. Conflicts happen, people drift away-that kind of stuff. So, one has to work from their side as well to maintain them.

Besides that, you’ve got to let friends in sometimes when life seems unbearable. If you just keep everything inside yourself, you risk hurting others and ultimately, yourself. Shizuku doesn’t seem to understand this at first and comes to her senses later.

Sorry for the off-tangent remarks there, I’m trying to mix my experience in a little to make it more interesting. XD Overall, this episode wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst either. I’m happy that Shizuku has managed to get through to Haru, but I’m disappointed in the lack of a buildup. It has been a mishmash of humor and vague milestones up to this, so I’m hoping that things will ramp up now that both of them are on the same page. Well, until next week!