Yuuta and Rikka spend a night together alone; at the end, they all but confess their love to each other.

Their relationship is not official yet, but it might as well be. Yuuta really steps up as that ‘special’ friend to Rikka: defending her at her most vulnerable, chasing after her when she runs off and finally taking care of her for the night. Rikka, however, reciprocates by giving subtle but obvious hints about her feelings. Blushes here and there, “butterflies in my stomach” and *gasp* a tattoo magic marker circle? Yuuta must have nerves of steel to ignore all these. Heck, there’s even a sappy train ride scene with emotional singing!

Other than that small peeve though, I really like how things have progressed between them up till now-slow and steady. Much better than a certain other show I’m covering this season…

However, I’m still having doubts about Rikka’s chuunibyou phase. Will she rely less on her delusions to escape reality after that argument with Touka? Also, that conflict was not really resolved. How will they reconcile their differences, especially after that brutal fight? Speaking of brutal, wasn’t Touka a bit harsh in slapping and kicking her sister? Sure, she might’ve held back, but an elder sibling hitting her younger sister is a bit worrying…

On the rest of the gang, they fit quite smoothly with the rest of the episode for some reason. Maybe the subject matter-budding love-wasn’t as serious as Rikka’s dark past last week? Or maybe their humor was just right and not as off-putting? I think it’s more of the former, since the Rikka x Yuuta segments were light-hearted and humorous as well.

Think About-!

Delusion or reality? Was Touka right in saying that becoming an adult means “accepting reality”?

No. You have to come to terms with harsh truths like death and taxes, but that doesn’t mean you should give up dreaming and imagining altogether. Like Muhammad Ali once said: “The man with no imagination has no wings.” As for why the boxer’s being quoted, blame the idiot box and its infernal ads. XD

Which was the best scene with Rikka and Yuuta?

Mine is the one after Yuuta catches Rikka watching TV. “My heart’s racing!”, “I’m excited!” and “I’m explosive!”-these three phrases along with Yuuta’s hilarious reactions really summed up the humor of the show for me.

Shinka x Cerberus (Rikka’s grandparents’ dog)?

Let’s not got there…

“I concur.”

In the end, it was a neat finish to the summer vacation arc. Pasts were (partly) resolved, love blossomed between the two and the humor’s still funny as ever. I look forward to next Friday. =)