Jormungand Perfect Order 19

Have to say… Jormungand Perfect Order is focusing more on their characters than in season 1 which is something I felt the first season was lacking in. We saw a bunch of bodyguards who would do anything to keep Koko alive but there was hardly any character development. At first, I didn’t really care about anything else besides the action and even then the action wasn’t top notch which is why I love season 2. It’s doing everything season 1 left out and specifically in episode 19, we were given a short but satisfying character insight into Wilee and his obsession with explosives. I have no quarrel with episode 19 and on the contrast, I’d love to see Jormungand focus more on their characters so they don’t just feel like lumps of meat shielding the princess.

(Rating: 7/10)

Kami-sama Kiss 08

Nanami-chan in my opinion is an adorable heroin who isn’t the useless type. Although she doesn’t have much powers, she’s willing to do anything to protect those close to her. As we’ve seen in episode 8, she has gone back in time to save Tomoe! But besides that, Kami-sama Kiss has done well to implement the predicted beach episode while making it meaningful in terms of story progression and character development. It really makes you think “why can’t other shows do the same instead of using a beach episode for the sake of fan service?”. *sigh* But now that the romance has finally kicked in, I seriously can’t wait to see these two get together! As a side note, I haven’t read the manga.

(Rating: 7/10)

Bakuman S3 07

Hiramaru is one of those supporting gag characters that really grow on you the more you get to know him, and I have to say, I was touched by his risk-taking behavior in order to confess his feelings to Aoki. As much as his personality is way too different compared to our pure and innocent Aoki, you end up rooting for them to get together for an unexplainable reason. Ironically enough, while the atmosphere felt comedic, it also felt serious at the same time.

Like how Yoshida described, Hiramaru really did feel like a new person. There was a new self to him we never knew he had. That brave and honorable self we quickly get accustomed to within a single episode. It doesn’t matter when it happened, we don’t even question when we started to relate to Hiramaru but it happened and boy was it a beautiful outcome. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata have done well in giving their characters life alongside with the brilliant voice acting and use of music. All I can say is, please stick around minna! It only gets better and better from here on out!

(Rating: 8/10)

Sukitte Ii na yo. 08

Sukitte Ii na yo is proving to be a great romance series episode after episode. Unlike Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun which adds a slap-stick atmosphere in the relationship between Haru and Shizuku, Sukitte Ii na yo takes on a more serious approach in showing us the ups and downs of a new found relationship between the protagonist and our heroin who are both new to love. In Tachibana’s case, it’s more simple to understand why she’s new as she’s never had a relationship but as for Yamato, he’s never experienced a serious relationship before being a player before meeting Tachibana. Thus, episode 8 really sums up the mistakes and along with it, their pain we experience in our lives due to such thoughtless actions. I get the feeling the new male character will stir things up similar to the way Megumi has done; allowing us to see the opposite genders perception and reaction. All in all, Sukitte Ii na yo is a slow-paced, relaxing romance to watch.

(Rating: 8/10)

Little Busters! 08

Wafuu~! They totally did it! They totally animated the ‘third-floor’ throw! At first I didn’t think they would because I wasn’t told they would animate all of the heroins arc’s so I was actually disappointed when I thought they skipped it and when straight into Komari’s arc. Ah… so nostalgic… *ahem* Besides that, I’m happy that J.C Staff didn’t forget about Kud after introducing her in episode 4 for about 2 minutes. I was worried they might forget about her and move onto the next heroins arc. As you all can see (people new to Little Busters), Kud holds an innocent personality that can be described as adorable or annoying. She’s the type of character you’d either love or hate and hopefully it’s love because she will (eventually) get her own arc. Though because of this Kud-dedicated episode, I’m confused as to which heroin will be focused on next. Would it be Kud? Or would it be Haruka?

(Rating: 6/10)

Space Brothers 34

While Hibito is enjoying himself up on the moon with a carefree attitude, Mutta’s getting his luck juice used up! Ha! I knew Space Brothers were capable of such ridiculous comedy, but I have to say, I didn’t see that one coming at all! It’s always nice to relax, sit back and watch these two brothers go about in whatever they need to do. It’s a pure slice of life to its core but definitely not similar to the usual highschool slice-of-life shows we usually see nowadays. There’s more maturity but also there’s a greater amount of meaning and emotions embedded throughout Space Brothers, and that’s what makes this show so enjoyable to watch.

There’s always a moment where our characters will reflect on their surroundings and although as simple as that is, it holds a lot of meaning in terms of what’s happening. I’d have to say that Space Brothers continues to be a well thought-out, character-focused story that knows how to keep you interested. Can’t wait for the next episode! I want to know what that phone call contained between Tsurumi and Makabe!

(Rating: 7/10)