Can pupils really shrink that small?

Since ZabiLegacy has some RL issues, I’ll be reviewing Psycho Pass bi-weekly for the time being. I hope you don’t mind the rushedrecaps and weak writing though. =)

Episode 2

Shows the fallout from Akane’s actions in the previous episode. It was a bit tame compared to the adrenaline-filled pilot episode, but it establishes some background on the society of Psycho;Pass. From holograms to Sybil to ‘accurate’ occupation assessments, we get a huge info dump. Besides that, Akane also gets closer to Kougami, who disappointingly, is quite the softie lawman at heart.

Episode 3

The team investigates ‘accidental’ deaths in a robot factory. Here, we get to see the limitations of the Sybil and Dominator systems-their need for a database connection. Ginoza and Masaoka also seem to share a rocky past and relationship, judging from the former’s fearsome look during Akane’s question. The Enforcer team’s ruthlessness and cunning is also emphasized.

Episode 4

The first part of a two-episode arc detailing the “Avatar Murders”. We get a glimpse into the Internet of this era and the dark corners that come with it. The Big Bad Shougo, whom we saw in the prologue, is also seen with the avatar murderer Mido.

Episode 5

The case is solved in a hail of blue Dominator bullets. Mido turns out to be a cog under Shougo’s thumb, getting ‘dumped’ by the sociopath once he ceases to be interesting. Mido’s motive is pretty wacked out, but so is his mental state, which Shougo exploits to great effect. I’m still in awe that he agitated Mido through his hijacked avatars and jacked up his Psycho Pass levels, leading the cops to deem him a threat and kill him. On the other hand, I’m really disappointed with the cops. Why kill when you could stun and interrogate him for info? Anyway, we also find out that Kougami was an ex-Inspector working alongside Ginzo before an accident changed him.

Episode 6

Akane digs deeper into Kougami’s past while another psychopath introduces herself with Shakepshere, yuri and an ‘tastefully’ displayed corpse. I’m not particularly dissatisfied at Kougami’s past, but I do wish that they had thought of something a little more…unique? Our new killer of the week is one of those “artistic killers” who display their victims in “beautiful” ways. She’s really weird and horrific, but I feel an odd fascination with her motive and results.

Episode 7

”Sculptor” Ouryou past is explained along with her motivations, Akane sees Makishima Shougo’s face for the first time and another victim falls into the clutches of Ouryou.

Ouryou’s father takes up much of the spotlight for this episode. He was a well-liked and ambitious artist until his illness, which was caused by excessive “stress care”. I wonder why he gave his support to the Psycho Pass system in the first place? If his goal was to allow humans to control the cruelty within through awareness, then the Psycho Pass system would’ve been meaningless. Why? Because the ones controlling it would be someone else-the government-and not the individual anymore. And few governments throughout history are known for restraining cruelty, especially if it’s within their interest not to do so. Ironically, the system ended both the guy’s job and his life. What a way to go, huh?

As a result, instead of moving on after her father’s illness, Ouryou chooses to “continue his work”. Her logical but twisted mindset gave birth to this killing spree. Other than that, I also sense a grudge against the Psycho Pass system which ended her father’s life. She really wants to get back at them while carrying on her father’s mantle…

Anyway, I liked how they narrated Ouryou’s past through Shougo. It provided an unbiased(?) and interesting look at this murderer’s past-unlike the previous arc. Back then, we got a few phrases worth of dialogue about his past before he’s turned into pulp. Wonder who’s the other guy though. Perhaps a teacher at the academy and a friend of Shougo’s? I’m willing to bet he’s just as twisted as Shougo’s other companions…

Besides this arc’s culprit, we also get a closer look into Kougami’s late partner. Though a violent Enforcer and a womanizer, Sasayama was a close friend to Kougami, which made his murder that more of a blow to the latter. Showing a picture from Sasayama’s computer to Akane, she finally gets her first glimpse of the mastermind himself-Shougo. With a lead like that, why is Ginoza still so bull-headed? I think it’s because of his guilt over the death and Kougami’s demotion. It’s blinding him and making him more stubborn than usual (he trusted Kougami back when they investigated the first murder in the avatar case).

As for the cliffhanger, I wasn’t that surprised. If you’re going to confront a potential serial killer, going alone without any sense of danger in an deserted area is definitely a BAD IDEA. Plus, why did her ponytail friend just let her go after giving that ominous lead? For shame! Aren’t any of these girls genre-savvy? XD

Well, that’s it for Psycho Pass up till now. The next post is scheduled for next week, but if possible, I’d like to post the latest episode by this week. Again, I’m sorry for the lateness and weak writing. Until next time!