Double episode post this time because at this point last week I was intoxicated and ready to pass out. I’m also announcing that I’m ending my Zetsuen no Tempest coverage.

I’m out of things to say, and I’m out of willpower to say anything at all. Also, the amount of stuff that college has been throwing at me has been, well, A LOT. So there’s that, too. But here we go.

It’s taken way longer than it needed to be, and much longer than I initially anticipated it. But shit is finally getting real, and the plot is actually interesting for the first time since the first couple of episodes. Evangeline is finally joining the fray as a quasi-mage, and her fight with Natsumura better be epic and well choreographed.

As for the matter of Hakaze’s bones…Since I’m on the side of spoilered manga readers, I’d love to hear from you guys what you think Yoshino’s plan is.

And thus, I end with the fact that I get the feeling that Aika secretly wants to turn Yoshino gay for Mahiro.