Rikka has pangs of love while Yuuta ponders her distant behavior. Also, Shinka nearly gets the former killed.

Rikka seems well and truly infatuated with Yuuta now after that lovey-dovey night together. On Yuuta’s side, we have the stereotypical “dense” protagonist who can’t tell what’s going on. He assumes Rikka’s avoiding him because he knows her past, totally ignoring the blushes and romantic vibes on that night. I do wonder, are there any male protagonists in anime who recognize love from the opposite party (regardless of gender) and actually confront that person about it? Are most of them that clueless? Sure it’s funny, but I’d hoped that Chuunibyou would buck the trend. Seeing that it’s a mainstream comedy though, maybe I had too high hopes.

Meanwhile, on the other side, hapless Rikka blunders through the pangs of puppy love. She labels this love a “spatial paradox”, using her chuunibyou mechanism to deal with reality yet again. Unfortunately for her, when she confronts Yuuta himself and the “paradox”, she’s unable to “summon” her delusions for the first time! I knew that things would come to this, but I was quite surprised when it actually happened. Now that Rikka has no more delusions to hide behind, she’s practically defenseless under Yuuta’s simple (and clueless) stare. I hope this isn’t the death knell for her chuunibyou days (along with Dekomori’s). We won’t see any more absurd fight scenes if that happened! Although, Rikka’s well-being and aspirations are just as important… Argh, moral dilemmas!

Another major player in the episode was surprisingly, Shinka. After all that fuss over her chuunibyou past, she’s actually going full-time with the FEMNSoS. Moreover, she tries to bring Yuuta and Rikka closer using the most trustworthy of tools-a cheesy guidebook with shojo art. I liked how they used the shojo style to emphasize the fictional nature of the moves, it made the joke stand out. And this whole matter would’ve been sweet and harmless, if not for the fact that Shinka gave advice that almost killed Rikka! Yes, it’s mostly Rikka’s fault for stepping out onto the roof, but Shinka surely must have felt some guilt over nearly killing her “student”, fellow club member and friend! But no, when Rikka comes down safely, she smiles and watches. If I were her, I’d be begging for forgiveness from both Rikka and Yuuta! *sigh* Sorry for the rant, I’m just a little peeved at how she treated it all as a happy ending instead of a near tragedy.

I was also a little confused and shocked at this melodramatic turn of events. It’s really the first time that a cast member’s life is in danger, casting an especially tense and dark tone in an otherwise cheerful show. Was a rooftop crisis the only way to force Rikka to get closer to Yuuta? How would you have done it? I think that Shinka conspiring with Yuuta in a chuunibyou-themed crisis would’ve been better. Not only would it have stuck to the show’s theme, it could’ve been funnier too. Ah, there I go ranting again…

Overall, this was a filler episode of sorts-full of fluff with only a few major plot shifts. I hope the next festival episode will bring this romance to a climax.


Kumin:”Erm guys, could you please lemme have a chance at the spotlight?”


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