Jormungand Perfect Order 20

Looks like the main course is about to be served but there’s only 4 episodes left (if Perfect Order is running for 12 episodes). It’s been 20 episodes and only now they finally focus on Koko’s and Minami’s plan named ‘Jormungand’. If you think about, all we’ve really seen so far is Koko arms dealing and character insights. I feel that it has taken way too long for them to get the main plot moving, but at the same time, I don’t find it rushed. Maybe it’s the staff’s ability in making the 20 episodes so far feel important for the long lead-up to Jormungand or maybe I’ve just given up on paying attention to the technical stuff that goes on during the talks. They’ve built the project up a lot in episode 20 and with the new Hekmatyar Global Grid; the next few episodes are going to heat up a lot! This anticipation… is killing me!

(Rating: 7/10)

Kami-sama Kiss 09

HNNNNNNGGG!!!!!!!  Nanami, why you so adorable!? Tomoe, why you so mean to Nanami!? Argh! This one-sided love is irritating me, but at the same time, I’m touched by Nanami’s resolve to chase Tomoe. Kami-sama Kiss really knows how to give their characters life, even during the comedy. I have to say, Nanami’s voice actor really understands her characters struggle in this one-sided love. I was moved so much when Nanami reunited with Tomoe. Her declaration of action, the light, pure, innocent smile she gave, the soft music that accompanied the reunion, there was no way you could say that it wasn’t a touching moment between our main characters. But along with her declaration, we find out that Tomoe is able to love humans. Maybe from here on out Nanami has a chance in making Tomoe like her back! Oh my god. Hurry up and get together you two!

(Rating: 9/10)

Sukitte Ii na yo. 09

I knew it! I knew Kai would fall for Mei! Although I can’t see a special reason why he would fall for her, considering her words felt like a kick in the balls when Kai realizes his revenge was futile. People change as they grow and bullies are usually the most insecure people at school so it wasn’t much of a big surprise that Kai’s bully is now Mr Shy Frickels. I wonder what will be do from now on. Continue with his plan and get revenge? Or give up and focus on trying to steal Yamato’s girl? Probably both? Well… this would only make Megu-tan even more jealous now that there’s two guys who have the hots for Mei. Things are definitely heating up in this love square. Maybe Megu-tan and Kai will get together? Ha! That would be stupid.

(Rating: 7/10)

Little Busters! 09

Sasasegawa Sasami strikes again! This time giving justice to soggy… croquettes…? Just watching the croquette going soggy looked disgusting! How the hell does one eat that!? I prefer my croquettes dry and fried, even shrimp tempura (I’m sorry Rin, I cannot agree with you this time around). Although I have to ask… does it really taste nice? Has anyone tried? *ahem* Well let’s not get too excited over croquettes and move on.

There’s one thing that you guys need to understand is that while each girl is going to get their own heroin arc, there’s a bigger story behind it all. Hence, this explains the weird notes Lennon have been giving Rin and Riki. I won’t say how the person who wrote the note knew that the cafeteria ladies will be gone nor would I say who it is because you will understand once we reach near the end of Little Busters. It will definitely take a while but if you bear with the slow progression, you will definitely find yourselves enjoying Little Busters near the end. Also, I’m glad that J.C Staff was able to turn another mini-game into something more appropriate for television. If you didn’t notice, while the food were served onto the plates in a birds-eye view. You, yourself interacted with those dishes in the visual novel so basically you had to serve all the students by putting food on their plates according to what they ordered. Of course, it gets so hectic that you’ll most likely make mistakes. It’s definitely a comedic gag directed to Little Buster fans but hopefully you readers find it funny yourself. But if you do find yourself not liking Little Busters the anime, then please do play the visual novel.

(Rating: 7/10)